Age 20
First PokemonBulbasaur
Achievements2nd in the Kanto League
Based onLeaf

Rey is an original character created by Matkin22 for his fanfiction Final Challenge. She was based off of the female protagonist from the third generation Pokemon game remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen. Rey is the sole original character in the story.


Rey started her journey as one of the three Pallet Town trainers who left on the same day as Ash; her choice for a starter Pokemon was a Bulbasaur. She has been described as having a natural flair for Contest moves, despite her preference for Gym Battles. She used such techniques to win her first badge off of Brock by combining a Razor Leaf with a Petal Dance to simulate the effects of a Leaf Storm.

Instead of capturing and training Pokemon, Rey chose to concentrate on mostly using her Bulbasaur in battle. Because of this, she captured only two other Pokemon in her journey; a Rattata and a Farfetch'd. While this technique allowed her to win the first few badges with relative ease because of Bulbasaur's type advantage, by the time she reached Koga's Gym she was unable to make it past the first Pokemon. This culminated in a humiliating loss and Koga advising her to forget her dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. Heartbroken by this defeat, Rey returned to Pallet Town where she remained for a further nine years until the events of the main story.

It has been noted that Rey and Ash were very good friends as children before leaving on their seperate Pokemon journies, at which point they lost touch. They got back in touch in time for Rey to be invited to Ash's Championship match against Cynthia.

In the nine years she was in Pallet Town, Rey evolved her Bulbasaur into a Venusaur, and captured a Natu which later evolved into a Xatu.

In Final Challenge

While Rey is mentioned numerous times in the first few chapters of the story, she does not make her first appearance until the fifteenth chapter (appropriately enough titled "Rey"). In this first appearance she uses her Venusaur to battle both Drew and Jessie in order to help Ash free May.

Rey is not used a great deal in the story, despite her being one of the author's favourite charcters to write. This is partly because the author found it difficult to implement her in many of the scenarios. Some of her more noted scenes are her brief rivalry with Forrest, being the first to get an injured Wobbuffet to the Battle Tower, and when she fought alongside Brock and Dawn to defend James from Cassidy, Butch, and Damian.

In the epilogue it is noted that Rey won the final three badges she needed for the Kanto League, where she placed second. She then travelled around Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh before losing contact with all of her friends three years prior to the actual events of the epilogue.

Rivalry with Forrest

Rey was shown to be very antagonistic towards Forrest, until he narrowly defeated her in a Pokemon Battle orchestrated by Lt. Surge. Part of this is from her own crushed dreams, as she does not wish anyone else to suffer as she did after her bitter defeat at the hands of Koga, while another part was from her distaste about Forrest's reaction toward beautiful girls. After losing to him in battle, she developed a grudging resect for the young Pewter City Gym Leader.

In other fanfiction

Rey has a very brief role in the Halloween oneshot Trickster's Treat. Set approximately a year and a half after the events of Final Challenge, Rey is on her way to a Halloween Party hosted by May, when she is pranked on route by Brock and Max, who use their Croagunk and Shuppet respectively to make her believe an unknown and dangerous entity is following her.


  • Venusaur
  • Xatu
  • Rattata
  • Farfetch'd (unseen)
  • Exeggcute (canon only in the April Fool's chapter of Final Challenge)


  • Rey is based off of Leaf, the playable female character in the third generation Pokemon game remakes.
  • Her name is taken from one of the optional names available in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • Like her manga equivalent, Blue (Green in English version), Rey has a fear of heights.

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