??? – Resistoo (#???)???
??? – Resistoo (#???)???

Japanese NameN/A
Evolves fromNone
Evolves toNone
Height1' 04"
Weight11.9 lbs

Resistoo is one of a yet unknown number of fan-made Pokemon to appear in the fangames Pokemon Plasma and Flora.

Resistoo is an Electric type. It is like Pikachu from the old Yellow Version because it is the starter your recieve when playing the Plasma version.

Resistoo's name is a combination of the words Resistor and Poodle. Since this is an American/Canadian project primarily, it is devoid of a Japanese name.

Biological Characteristics

It is a small Pokemon that is of canine species. It, like Pikachu and Electrike, stores electricity in the collar-like ring around its neck. Its fur is mainly black but it has a yellow snout, along with other yellow markings like the thunderbolt on it's head, and it's tail resembles a lightning bolt. It has wide black eyes that allow it to see the levels of electric pulses in the air.

In The Pokémon Video Games

Resistoo is received only by playing the Plasma version. Instead of having it given to you by the Professor, it is your family pet that you bring along for your adventure.

It has very balanced stats and makes a great partner in the beginning of the game play and throughout the game in general.

It may or may not have a prevolution and evolution.