Pokemon CharacterA teenager with one goal,stop Team Galactic!
Age 13(As of the Pokemon:Forever Champions Rp and Fanon)
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Snowpoint City,but was born in Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives an unknown sister in Twinleaf Town.
Trainer class Ace Trainer,Coordinater
Generation IV
Games None as of Yet
Leader of None
Badge None
Elite Trainer of None
Champion of None
Specialty None
Brain of None
None None
Member of None as of Yet
Rank None
Ray (or Ryuto) is a Sinnoh Trainer chosen by Cynthia and the Sinnoh Elite 4 to defeat Team Galactic.He was originally to replace Candace as the Leader of Snowpoint Gym,but he decided that she was the one for the job.He appears in Pokemon:Forever Champions as its main protaginist and has no friends as of yet.

Current Team

-Piplup ------> Prinplup ------> Empoleon

-Egg ------> Togepi

-Scyther ------> Scizor

-Gible ------> Gabite


-Charmander (Shiny)

In Storage


-Sneasel ------> Weavile

-Trapinch ------> Vibrava ------> Flygon





-Luxio ------> Luxray



-Egg -----> Ralts



-Swinub ------> Piloswine