Raiden is a Manectric character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Lucki catches Raiden as an Electrike in the eighth chapter after he impulsively challenged Lucki, making him her third pokemon but first capture. He is beaten by Flare although he puts up a good fight.

In many ways Flare's opposite and foil, he is a young unevolved pokemon whose translated voice is described as sounding like an eight-year-old. His personality can be considered confident to a fault as well as hyperactive. He disobeyed his parents, who warned him to avoid trainers, because he felt certain he could win. He's angry at first with Lucki for capturing him, although mostly because he felt indignant about losing to her as well as his parents' warnings about trainers. After this, he's generally good-natured and optimistic, excited about everything. His childish and sometimes vexing disobedient behavior, such as ignoring orders because he finds his electric attacks easier than physical moves, led to Lucki naming him Tryke, from the word tyke, although like Flare's name, she intended it to be temporary and changes it after he evolves.

Unlike Flare, he shows a great deal of natural talent, winning often. In his second battle he fights his own evolved form in a gym battle with Wattson, and comes out victorious, although this victory is partially due to the use of the move Dig. Tryke evolves shortly after Lucki captures him, and she changes his name to Raiden. He acts somewhat more mature after evolving, but is still hyper and energetic. He's the one who finally manages to defeat Lucki's fifth pokemon, an Absol, which took out Flare in a single hit. Although he admittedly does not manage to beat the Absol, he does weaken it to the point of capture.

Raiden is the only one of Lucki's pokemon to evolve in the story, as Silver remains unevolved, Flare was gotten as a Flareon, and both Saurius and the newest addition, an Absol, are pokemon that do not evolve. Raiden is also the only one Lucki gives a TM to. He possesses the static characteristic.

Raiden's current moves:

  • Spark
  • Quick Attack
  • Thunderwave
  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Dig (TM move)
  • Thundershock