Queen Shadow is the title of the de facto head of Enigma Shadow.


Parfrida (full: Lady Parfrida, Alt. Victoria) is the primary antagonist for much of Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow, in which she was the false Queen Shadow that oversaw the operations of Enigma Shadow in Maria's stead during the events of the first Enigma Shadow incident.

Disguised as "Victoria," the knowledgeable and affable curator of the Museum in Larousse City, Parfrida took advantage of her post to gather information on the legendary Pokémon Jirachi and Ho-oh. It was with this information that the organization attempted to capture Ho-oh with the Element Plates and succeeded in capturing Jirachi.

Her true identity was cloaked in mystery until Rich defeated Noland at the Shadow Research Institute on New Island. It was then that Parfrida appeared and revealed herself as Victoria and the apparent head of Enigma Shadow.

Not much of Parfrida's true personality is known, however she is a cunning woman able to mastermind many of Enigma Shadow's plots herself. She is also cruel albeit not as much as Maria, attempting to take away Eldes's will to fight her by revealing the secret that she is his mother.

Currently Parfrida is in prison at an unknown location. It does not appear Maria will go back and free her.


-Shadow Claydol -Shadow Persian -Shadow Latios

-Shadow Swellow -Shadow Heracross -Shadow Latias


Maria is the real Queen Shadow and the main antagonist of the entire Enigma Shadow series, ceding her leadership only during the events of Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow, in which she was replaced by Dr. Yung. Bloodline claimer to the throne at the head of Enigma Shadow, her age is unknown, but she is likely at least a few years older than Rich as when Rich joined Cipher unknowingly she was already the supreme leader of Enigma Shadow. When Rich defected from Cipher, she swore personal revenge upon him and spent years planning.

Eventually she visited Rich at the Battle Tower in Larousse City and pretended to fall in love with him. She then faked her death to throw him into a downward spiral of depression, and finally went into hiding to meditate and gain a power also known as the Enigma Shadow.

However, she did not count on Rich actually recovering from his depression and returning to the Battle Tower. It just so happened that right after Rich defeated Parfrida in a battle there, thinking that her defeat signalled the end of their evil plot, Maria's meditation ended and she returned, revealing everything to him by possessing Parfrida then appearing personally. Again, her expectations were betrayed; she thought Rich would stop fighting once he found out her true identity, but in truth his heart had finally melted and by that point he was in love with Anabel, freeing him from Maria's grasp.

Furious, Maria unleashed her ultimate weapon, a Shadow Pokémon long in development: XD-02, Shadow Mewtwo. Rich faced this fearsome monstrosity in a climactic clash over Larousse City using the Lugia that had voluntarily joined his ranks for the time, a battle that ended with a narrow yet decisive victory for Maria. Just before she could deliver the blow that would finish both Rich and Lugia, a Celebi suddenly appeared from the GS Ball in Anabel's possession and purified Mewtwo, allowing Rich to capture it.

At that point, Maria snapped. She attacked Rich with her team, which like Parfrida's, was made up of six Shadow Pokémon. However, also like Parfrida, she lost.

Maria had more tricks up her sleeve, though. With no other choice, she began using the powers granted to her by the Enigma Shadow. She first summoned the legendary Pokémon of land and sea, Groudon and Kyogre, brainwashed them, then used a machine fueled by Jirachi and the energy of a comet to transform herself into a winged, angel-like battle form. When Ho-oh arrived, brought to Rich by a mysterious man that turned out to actually be Nascour, one of Maria's henchmen who was actually a spy for the Global Police, the stage for a cataclysmic battle was set. With Ho-oh Rich finally managed to defeat Maria again, but she had one last trick left. Using her powers, she began to freeze the land in an attempt to wreck Rich's life permanently by erasing all he loved for good. It was during this attack that Maria finally exposed her weak point---a glowing gem on her chest---and was defeated once and for all. Rich then undid the damage caused by her attack by making a wish that Jirachi granted. Maria was sent to jail, and peace reigned.

One year later, the de facto replacement for Maria as the head of Enigma Shadow, Dr. Yung, was also defeated. Maria somehow has since escaped jail and is in command of Enigma Shadow once more.


-Shadow Mewtwo (XD-02)

-Shadow Zangoose -Shadow Steelix -Shadow Suicune

-Shadow Raikou -Shadow Entei -Shadow Mew

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