Type Ground

                       Spade Pokemon
                       Stage: 1
                       Evolves from: Eevee in Desert at any level
                       Evolves into: none 
                       Height: 3'02     Weight: 55.07
                       Ability: Sand Veil
                       Dex entry: Digs up precious gems as gifts for it's Trainer.


At the Start

      Tail whip

when leveled up

    8 sand-attack
   15 mud shot
   22 quick attack
   29 bite
   36 camouflage
   43 mud bomb
   50 last resort
   57 iron tail
   64 defense curl
   71 earth power


toxic hidden power hyper beam protect frustration iron tail earthquake return dig brick break double team sandstorm rock tomb facade secret power rest attract thief false swipe fling endure giga impact flash stone edge captivate rock slide sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash

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