Proving Grounds: Kanto is an original trainer fiction by Morpher01, as well as his first fic in such a genre.

Proving Grounds seems to break away from the usual trainer fic, as it involves the main character--a cynical ten-year-old named Derak Kadir--becoming a runaway for the sake of being a trainer.

Plot of the Journey

Against his father's wishes, Derak Kadir leaves his hometown of Phenac City on his tenth birthday. Recieving a Pokedex and a Pokemon from Professor Krane, Derak departs for Kanto, unaware that he is being followed by the Tracker, a mercenary hired by Derak's father.

Character List

Derak Kadir: Derak is a ten-year-old who is, as described by Professor Krane, "quite cynical for [his] age". Oddly, he wears an outfit with a different color for each individual part. Despite his cynisism, he is determined to treat Pokemon kindly. His first, and so far only, Pokemon is a Chimchar named Wildfire.

Melissa Arare: Melissa, first encountered in chapter 2, is scheduled to be Derak's rival. She wears a military-esque garment and owns a Turtwig. Her treatment of Pokemon is similar to the anime character Paul, though Melissa does not seem to release Pokemon, instead letting her fiery temper get the best of her. Like Derak, she hails from Orre, though her hometown is unknown as of yet.

Sarah Arachson: Sarah is another trainer from Orre, with green hair and an apparant preference for somewhat corny phrases. Her starter Pokemon is a Squirtle. Little is known about her so far.

The Tracker: Tracker is a bounty hunter who is hired to hunt Derak. though he seems to believe that the trainer is not worth his time. Though he likely has more, his only known Pokemon so far is a Persian.

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