Type: Fire No.497 Sand Pokemon Stage: Basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Heaterops at level 16 Height: 0'06 Weight: 115.05 Ability: Blaze Dex Entry: This lazy desert dweller passes the time by watching sand dunes build up.


- peck

- leer

7 ember

10 mud sport

16 mud shot

19 sunny day

25 flamethrower

28 magnitude

34 take down

37 head smash


roar toxic hidden power sunny day protect frustration iron tail earthquake return dig double team flamethrower sandstorm fire blast rock tomb facade secret power rest attract thief overheat endure stone edge captivate rock slide sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash

Egg Moves curse iron head body slam amnesia mud bomb heat wave

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