Pokepark 3: The Eevee Squad is the sequel to the 2011/2012 game: Pokepark 2: Wonder Beyond. The game is due for release on May 24 2015. The game is made by pokefan3003.


Eevee - Starter Pokemon

Leafeon - Available in Grass Zone, after battle

Vaporeon - Available in Sandy Zone, after battle

Flareon - Available in Volcano Zone, after battle

Jolteon - Available in Sparky Zone, after battle

Umbreon - Available in Dark Zone, after chase

Espeon - Available in Light Zone, after chase

Glaceon - Available in Slippery Zone, after battle


The game has 12 locations with a special area called The Flora Zone. The 12 locations are as follow:

  • Petal Area

a) Grassy Zone

b) Leaf Zone

  • Beachy Area

a) Ocean Zone

b) Sandy Zone

  • Burning Area

a) Volcano Zone

b) Mine Zone

  • Shock Area

a) Sparky Zone

b) PowerPlant Zone

  • Time Area

a) Dark Zone

b) Light Zone

  • Chilly Area

a) Frosty Zone

b) Slippery Zone 

  • Paradise Zone

a) Flora Zone

Zone Leaders

Yet again the 3rd game of Pokepark also has Zone Keepers/Area Keepers, Here's the complete list:

  • Grassy Zone: Meganium
  • Leaf Zone: Sceptile
  • Ocean Zone: Blastoise
  • Sandy Zone: Feraligator
  • Volcano Zone: Infernape
  • Mine Zone: Typlosion
  • Sparky Zone: Electravire
  • Powerplant Zone: Magnazone
  • Dark Zone: Honchcrow
  • Light Zone: Togekiss
  • Frosty Zone: Glalie
  • Slippery Zone: Froslass
  • Flora Zone: N/A


As with the previous games, the 3rd installment also includes attractions. Although they are less of a focus in the game. There are only 2 attractions in the game (both found in the flora zone) they consist of:

  • Vine Swing
  • Flying Ace

Skill Games


Chase is like a tagging race skill game in which you have a limited time to catch the Pokemon if you tackle it the game will finish and it will befriend you.


Battle is the most common skill game in which you and your opponnent both get HP or health bars and try to finish the other before the time runs out. If you win the battle the Pokemon that was battling you will befriend you.


Hide and seek returns from previous Pokepark games in which you have a limited time to find the Pokemon. Usually hidden in the nearby area. The hint is to try to listen for it's cry. Once you've found it speak to it and it will befriend you.


Quizzes are the least used skill game and have 3 questions each. The questions usually involve the area/zone and the Pokemon in it. If you get all of the right then the Pokemon will befriend you. But if you get one wrong you'll have to start over but watch out the questions will never be the same.


Password Description Unlocks What it Does 61325 Flying Pokemon Hot Air Ballon Lets the Pokemon fly
33976 Get Reshiram Reshiram Makes Reshiram available in Lava Zone
22195 Get Zekrom Zekrom Makes Zekrom available in Sparky Zone
22222 Get 2 000 berries 2000 berries

Automatically gives you 2000


34798 Unlock Starter Starter Pokemon of Choice Allows you get any starter Pokemon and play as it


  • This is the first Pokepark game to not have Pikachu as a playable character
  • This is the first Pokepark game in which you can melt, freeze, cut down, objects and  change day/night time
  • There are 347 Pokemon available in the game
  • Most of the Pokemon in the game are from Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova
  • Red makes an apperance at the beggining of the game, about to enter Pokepark
  • This is the first game in which the Pokepark is not in danger

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