Pokemon mystery dungeon Explorers of destiny

Pokemon mystery dungeon Explorers of destiny is a fanmade game for the ds.


After the events of pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky,

In a mighty temple lies our creater,the master,the maker of the universe known as Arceus.A mysterious force was spreading into the temple.It slid into the mind of Arceus.Arceus became corrupted with the dark energies and went berserk.Arceus' body was cloaked in a shadowy mist and his eyes became a terrorfying yellow.Arceus bursted through the roof and charged up a blast of dark energy.He shot the blast and it hit Treasure town.Pikachu,Charmander,Absol,Squirtle,Lucario,'and Blazikin came out of Sharpedo bluff to find out what was going on.The rescue team saw the corrupted Arceus and were shocked."Arceus has gone mad"Lucario said."Natural disasters will happen soon"Absol said to Charmander."We need some of our legendary friends"Blazikin said.Dialga,Palkia,Giritinna,Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,and Mew came to help.Arceus had came with some "friends" as well.Kyogre,Groudon,Rayquaza,and Mewtwo who were also corupted came to Arceus' aid.Suddenly,two pokemon our heros never seen before came to help."Who are you"said Pikachu."I am Reshiram and this is Zekrom"said the white one.The Unova pokemon flew into the sky and used their moves,Fusion flare and Fusion bolt.They made the dark pokemon retreat."It looks like we have an adventure to take part in"Charmander said.The heros are off to stop the dark pokemon from corrupting the world.


The goal like the other games is to take on mission in a dungeon.But mostly,you must go to special dungeons to stop some corrupted pokemon from taking it over.Using the L&R buttons,you can switch between pokemon to be the leader.

New features

This game contains Unova pokemon and allows you to replay any missions you already completed.You can now customize your team with different clothing and gear items.