Pokemon Scarlet is a fan-game being created by co-partners, Houndoomed and Asuran as part of a PokeOrg Productions fan-game.


The game follows the travels of Lance (Yes, that Lance) in trying to stop Giovanni and his budding organiztion, Team Rocket. On your thirteenth birthday, you go to get your first Pokemon from Professor Maple. it seems that Professor Maple is not at the lab. Instead, her assistant gives you your Pokemon and Pokedex. You learn that your neighbor Giovanni has kidnapped Professor Maple. You set out to track him with your cousin, Clair.


Lance is a 13 year-old boy who wants to follow his dream of becoming the strongest Pokemon Trainer ever. Though he is very friendly with any type of Pokemon, he has an odd affinity with Dragon-type Pokemon.

Giovanni is a Pokemon trainer who lives next to Lance in Trunkwood Town. he is heading an evil organization after money, called Team Rocket. He kidnapped Proffessor Maple in order to use her research and then ransom her.

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