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Pokémon Flaming Ruby Version
Pokémon Shining Sapphire Version

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System: Nintedo
Genre: rpg
Players: 1
Connectivity: nintendo network
Generation: ???


Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 2 are the remakes of the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The games are set 8 years after the events of Ruby and Sapphire.


8 years after, new cities and towns have emerged and a new villianas team. New Gyms and Elite Four. Odale Town is the Hometown rather than Littleroot Town. At the start the player wakes up in his/hers bed and is told by their mother to hed to the player school. You will get your first Pokemon anlong with your rival.


Battle Cup

A Stadium is built in Kras City, where a tournament is held every 2 weeks.


Three Gym Leaders (if you include Tate and Liza as one) have passed on their postion to 3 new leaders. The current Gym Leaders are Max (normal), Roxanne (rock), Flannery (fire), Liana (electric), Brawly (fighting), Winona (flying), Marty (ice), Juan (water).

Elite Four and Champion

Like before the Elite four must be battle in a certain order. The current elite four is Sidney (dark), Zoe (grass), Kairi (ghost), Brendan (various) and the champion Drake (dragon).

Version Exclusive Pokemon

Cities and Towns

Areas of Intrest

  • Petalburg Woods
  • Rusturf Tunnel
  • Granite Cave
  • New Mauville
  • Mt. Chimney
  • Cave of Origin
  • Scorched Slab
  • Safari Zone
  • Seafloor Cavern
  • Sealed Chamber
  • Southern Island
  • Abandoned Ship
  • Meteor Falls
  • Shoal Cave
  • Mt. Pyre
  • Jagged Pass
  • Sky Pillar
  • Island Cave
  • Desert Ruins
  • Ancient Tomb
  • Trainer Hill
  • Battle Frontier
  • Artisan Cave
  • Desert Underpass
  • Mirage Tower
  • Marine Cave
  • Terra Cave
  • Sky Cave

Route Changes

Route 113 has been distroyed and and new route has emereged from Odale Town to Verdanturf Town. Another goes north from Pacifilog Town to Rinshin Town and another from Rinshin town to route 123.