The movie opens with Jacob and May together watching the sun set and end up seeing Manaphy in the water and May spots Manaphy floating towards Jacob and claims him as it's father as such he grow a bond with Manaphy similer to May's and Manaphy's. After the sun rised up Jacob calls home and asks how his mother was doing but his father picked up the phone and said his mother passed away in the hospital and that she told him to tell Jacob she loves her and will always be in his heart now. After they hung up Jacob hangs the phone up and runs out of the trailer crying and sits on a rock crying. May realizes Jacob was outside and seen him cry. As May appeared behind him she put his hand on his shoulder and bends down on her knees and asks what was wrong. Jacob said his mother passed away in the hospital. May says she's sorry and she feels bad for him. May let Jacob have a jacket she bought him. It was bed time and as May was freezing Jacob put his jacket over her and went back to bed and slept with Manaphy. Manaphy smiles at Jacob and said Dada the next morning. As soon the others wake up (Ash and May) they find a note Jacob wrote saying he quits going on the journy and is going onto collage as Manaphy saw was gone she cried alot. May calmed Manaphy down and called Jacob to talk. She yells at Jacob for leaving so she said she never wants to see him again. Two days later she got a call from him stating he's in the hospital for fainting and she asks Jack to take her there to say she's sorry and she wants him back. After they let him go Jacob perposied to May and since his birthday is almost there he was wanting to get married on his birthday. She accepts it and Manaphy is invitied to the wedding and is happy.