Pokémon Amethyst and Topaz (AKA "Plasma and Flora") are a set of Pokémon fangames in development by DigiX101. They are set in the fictional Mizou Region, and will have a yet unknown number of new Pokémon species to appear.


600 years ago, in a peaceful desert, the locals are going about their business. Suddenly, a glimmer of light appears in the sky, attracting the people's attention. From the sky falls a huge metal disk-shaped object, occupied, although unseen, by a strange, silvery, metallic creature. The locals are stunned, as the object crashes into the sand, leaving only the raised top part visible. A local scribe records the experience on a stone tablet, as the locals bring food to what they believe is some kind of god... Their culture gradually fades, and the tablet is buried in the sand... The silver disk fell, The balance was broken...

Two pairs of eyes open in fear, rage, and determination... From ocean and dell, The brothers were woken...

600 years later, in a small town on an island off the main continent, Digi (male protagonist) runs down the street to the local Pokémon Lab, residence of Professor Sakura, where he will meet his close friend, Miko (female protagonist). Little do they know that their adventure will be different than all others, for three presences are stirring after their six-century slumber, and a battle for the balance of power is about to begin.

After defeating the 7th Gym Leader, and thwarting the reformed Team Galactic again and again, they find themselves in the desert, in front of what they take to be an ancient ruin. Team Galactic's new leader holds up the newly recovered stone tablet; and begins to use the power of the Tablet Slab to summon Galactor, an alien Pokémon of immense power. As it is brought out, the Version Legendary appears, driving Galactor to the top of the mountain, where they begin to battle. It is up to the player to quell the raging battle between the two beings...

Mizou Region

These games are set in the fictional Mizou Region. A continent with a hugely diverse climate with mountains, a volcano, forest, a town settled on a glacier, tropical beaches, and others. It is formed by twelve islands (ten are visitable) surrounding the main continent, including the Trinity Isles, home to the legendary trio of the game.



Elite 4



The official Plasma and Flora forum:

"This project has been discontinued. I, DigiX101, closed it around 2007 or so, so that I could continue on my own. I have a deviantART account where some of this has been migrated. The material here is still to be used, though edited.

If, for any reason, I need to be contacted, e-mail me at, or send me a message over deviantART.

- Trent M. (DigiX101)"


DigiX101 has a Copyright License, and all of his creations are under Copyright Laws. If you use his material without permission, you will be subject to the consequences. twit

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