The Following article is the second season of my own FanFiction Animanga, so dont mind Previously introduced characters not being introduced properly.

Chapter 1: Trouble Onboard

As the sun began to set, Prudence boarded her ship to travel back to Johto after her long stay in the Holon region helping her sister Kris with her research on the Pokemon living there. She was more then happy to be going back and maybe when she got back her mom would make her her favourite egg pudding. She went straight to the ship's Pokemon Centre and deposited her Tiko (Togepi) and Shoomu (Shroomish) there so that Nurse Joy could heal them for her. She then went to her room and straight to bed, after all it was a long way to go before she could even breathe in the Johto air.

When she woke up it was already 11 and she had missed breakfast, she collected her Pokemon from the Pokemon Centre, when she heard a "BANG", she rushed outside to see what had caused the noise when a group of Rocket Grunts came into view who were using their Golbats to harass the passengers. She immediately sent out Shoomu but it was no match for the Bat Pokemon. The Rocket Grunts had recognized her as the sister of the Pokemon Peace Control (PPC) agents, Cecily Gemz and Selena Gemz and so attacked her with Air Cutter, as their was no time to deffend herself, she instinctively closed her eyes.

Chapter 2: The Brave Heart

Prudence had expected to hit the ground soon but instead felt somebody pulling her, opening her eyes she saw a girl dragging her out of harms way and two boys had already started giving the Golbats a beating.Then from amongst the grunts a young boy with maroon hair stepped forwards and said

"Ah, Ethan its you and ofcourse Lex and Niya, who other then the PPC would come trying to thwart my father's brilliant plan".

Ethan then spoke calmly, "Yes, its us here to stop you and your brilliant father again, Kamon. Magby, Flamethrower".

"Bony, and you too Fang" and on Kamon's coomands two grunts stepped forwards and sent out their Cubone and Seviper, but Lex's Tauros and Niya's Miltank easily defeated them.

"Go, Rhydon" shouted Kamon and now you will witness this" and as he stopped speaking Rhydon glowed white and there in its place now stood Rhyperior. Then with the smokescreen from Koffing and Wheezing, Team Rocket vanished from sight. Ethan then took Prudence from the ship to a speed boat and she was off with her saviors.

"So why exactly were they attacking you?" said Niya a green headed girl.

"Must be because i'm Cecily and Selena's sister, you must know about them if you are in the PPC"

Lex nudged Ethan, who said before he could control it "Are you really Selena's sister?"

"Yeah but why?"

"Oh nothing' replied Ethan blushing.

And soon they were back in Johto, Violet City to be more precise. And Prudence left the trio but not before she could see Lex and Niya laughing and nudging Ethan, who had a weird expression on his face.

Chapter 3: Call To A New Life

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