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Pokemon Oren: Battle of the Rivals

Today we find Alex, Vincent and Zach continuing threw Musi Forest. In the last episode the three ran into there rival Leroy who had already caught three Pokemon. After that Alex caught his own Pokemon which was a Wecule.

"So how much farther do we have to go?" asked Vincent. Zach was looking at the map and said, "Well at this rate we could be out of Musi Forest by tonight or tomorrow morning." "Well then let's keep moving." said Alex. Then a figure walked out from the bushes. It was none other than Leroy. "I thought I might find you three strugling back here. Let's have a little battle. Me against all three of you. Sepratley of course. Let's start with Vincent." said Leroy. Vincent took a few steps forward to show he was ready. The two threw there Pokeballs. Vincent of course had chossen his only Pokemon Meco where as Leroy had chossen Shellflare. "I knew you would've picked the grass type so I caught myself a fire type." said Leroy with a grin on his face. Vincent opened the battle with a Tackle. It hit the Shellflare head on. Leroy shot back with a Leech Life, it was a direct hit on Meco. Vincent thought carefully of what he was going to do then rembered something, "If Leroy is using a fire type against my grass type he would have finished me off already. Leroy is a guy who want's to end every thing in one hit so his Shellflare must not know any fire type moves yet." he said to himself. He called for another Tackle and then another. Shellflare could not get up after that last Tackle. Vincent had won the battle.

Next Leroy wanted to battle Zach. Zach chosse his Shelly and Leroy chosse his Zaper. Zaper is an electric type Pokemon. It was Leroy's first Pokemon. He had befriended it three months before he started his Pokemon Journey. Leroy got the first move and called for a Shockwave. The Shockwave hit Shelly head on defeating it instantly. "You always were the weakest Trainer in Yoc Town." said Leroy laughing.

Now Leroy was going to battle Alex. Alex had called for a two on two battle. Leroy had not known that Alex caught another Pokemon and he does not know what it is. Alex started the battle with his Inferno and Leroy stayed with Zaper. They both had called Tackle at the same time. Both Pokemon colided head on. Zaper stood up holding it's head but Inferno who had a thick hard skull stood up and Alex called for another Tackle. This Tackle sent Zaper flying up against a tree draining the rest of it's health points. Leroy re-called Zaper and sent out his final Pokemon...Darkspi. Leroy called for a move called Wallow, this instantly defeated Inferno. Alex was down to his last Pokemon he sent it out. "A Wecule...this is going to be dificult." said Leroy to himself. Alex opened the battle with Wecule's scratch. It his Darkspi head on. Leroy called for a Wallow and it hit Wecule. Alex did not call for a move. Leroy called for a move called Haunt it again hit Wecule. Now Alex had it right where he wanted it, he called for a move called Revenge. It hit Darkspi head on defeating it. Leroy re-called Darkspi and walked away angrey with out saying a word.

The three had lost time from the battles and had to stop again for the night.

As there fire burns in the darkness of the night an enemy watches them closley.

To be continued...

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