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Pokemon Oren: A Journey Begins

It was now 7:00 a.m. in the Oren region. Three boys start there way out of Yoc Town to become Pokemon Trainers. The three boys names are: Alex, Vincent and Zach. They have to get to the next town to see Professor Archie. Professor Archie is a young and naive Pokemon Professor. He gives first time traniers a choice of these starting Pokemon: Meco a grass type Pokemon, Inferno a fire type Pokemon and Shelly a water type Pokemon.

The three boys arive at Geo Town at around 7:10 a.m. "Hello boys I've been expecting you." said Professor Archie. "Hello Professor." the boys said. He led them to a table that had three Pokeballs laying on it and then he said, "Alex you chose first." Alex thought carefully then said, "I'll chose Inferno." Then Vincent took his turn and chose Meco and that left Zach with Shelly which was the Pokemon he wanted. The Professor turned to them and said, "Now I want you to start your Journeys. I will give you five Pokeballs to start you off and your Pokedex. A Pokedex is a device filled with all the information about the Pokemon of the Oren region." They said thank you and good bye and then left. They were going to stop at the Pokemon Center to register in the Pokemon League.

When they arrived an unexpected rival was walking out of the Pokemon Center. "Well if it isn't Alex, Vincent and Zach. What are you wimps doing here?" asked there rival Leroy. Vincen replied, "For your information were Pokemon Trainers." Leroy laughed and said, "Well I bet my Pokemon are a lot better than yours. You only have one and I've already got three. If I were you I would just quit before I'd imbarass myself." Zach frowned and said, "Were not quiting and we'll show you Leroy." Leroy gave a laugh and walked off. The three walked into the Pokemon Center and registered.

They walked into Musi Forest. This was one of the smaller forests of the Oren region but would take a day and a half to get threw. Then they heard some thing. "Alright we know it's you Leroy so just come out where we can see you." said Vincent. Well they were right about one thing: there was some body there but it was not Leroy. A dark figure jumped from the bushes. "What is that?" asked Alex. He pulled out his Pokedex and aimed it at the Pokemon. The Pokedex said, "Wecule. A dark type Pokemon. Though they are born in well hidden caves after three days of being nurtured they leave to live in forest." The Wecule stood very still looking at the three. Zach whispered to the others, "I think it want's to battle." The Wecule obviously had good hearing because it narrowed it's gaze on Zach but it pointed to Alex. "Well it want's to battle you." Vincent said. Not knowing what it would do Zach and Vincent took few steeps back.

Alex threw his Pokeball and out came Inferno. He told it to use it's Tackle. Inferno lunged at the Wecule and hit it head on. The Wecule then threw a powerful Scratch attack. Inferno hit the ground hard but got back up. Alex yelled Tackle again but this time the Wecule dodged. It again counter attacked with Scratch. Alex yelled Tackle once more and Inferno hit the Wecule head on as hard as it could. Alex threw the Pokeball. It wobbled three times and the Wecule was caught. "Great job." said Zach. "Now you've got a powerful Pokemon." said Vincent.

As there first day on there Journey ends they know of one Pokemon that is lurking in the forest and how powerful it is. But a more powerful enemy awaits them.

To be continued...

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