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Pokemon Orange and Pokemon Pink are new games invented for the GBA. They will be released on February 3rd 2011.

City Gym Leader Type Badge
Powerrage City Zoe Psychic Zen Badge
Lusterful City Franky Dark Torture Badge
Superpower City Kara Fighting Blow Badge
Johnson City David Flying Landing Badge
Mega City Cecilia Bug Instinct Badge
Boston City Tom Electric Joule Badge
Gemstone Town Rory Ghost Terror Badge
Chime City Romy Steel Rust Badge

Elite Four + Champion

Member Type
Captain O'Shaun Water
Kendall Fire
Conrad Grass
Teresa Ground
Barbara Poison

Kazaza- Post Game

  • Kingler, Lv. 70 Water
  • Sceptile, Lv. 73 Grass
  • Rapidash, Lv. 73 Fire
  • Absol, Lv. 74 Dark
  • Electabuzz, Lv. 74 Electric
  • Steelix, Lv. 78 Steel Ground

Syvelle Battles

Shuar Route 4

  • Pikachu, Lv. 18 Electric
  • Diglett, Lv. 19Ground

Shuar Route 8

  • Pikachu, Lv. 27 Electric
  • Dugtrio, Lv. 28 Ground

Victory Road

  • Flareon, Lv. 47 Fire
  • Pikachu, Lv. 47 Electric
  • Golem, Lv. 45 RockGround
  • Gengar, Lv. 45 GhostPoison
  • Heracross, Lv. 45 Bug Fighting
  • Dugtrio, Lv. 50 Ground

Joanne Battles

Battle 1

  • Gastly, Lv. 21 Ghost Poison
  • Beautifly, Lv. 21 Bug Flying
  • Granbull, Lv. 23 Normal

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