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Pokémon Legends is a series created by MMidiotshock and is the center of Pokémon Legends Universe. It follows the story of a young Sceptile and his friends journeying to defeat the villainous Blaziken. However, their journey escalates and they soon find themselves fighting against the oppression of the corrupt Order, the true controllers of the Pokémon World. The Series is available on Youtube.


Pokemon Legends (2011 - 2012)

The Series opens in the town of Littleroot in the region of Hoenn, with Grovyle sparring with his friend Exploud. The main antagonist, Blaziken, soon turns up however causing more trouble than usual. Pelipper brings Grovyle and Exploud to the town center where Blaziken is threatening the town mayor, Kadabra. Blaziken then steals the mystical Red Orb before taking off. Grovyle plucks up the courage to chase Blaziken across Hoenn, and so assembles his friends for the beginning of a journey that will change him and all he holds close.

Major Characters

  • Grovyle/Sceptile: The Main Protagonist. A headstrong and capable leader who decides to stand up for what he believes is right.
  • Pelipper: The Littleroot Town postman and long standing friend of Grovyle.
  • Exploud: A loud mouthed and arrogant Littleroot resident who has unfinished business with Aggron.
  • Aggron: A relatively reserved companion of Grovyle who carries a great deal of guilt from a past event.
  • Manectric: The emotional and moral compass of Grovyle's group.
  • Empoleon: The Guildmaster of the world's most famous Guild for training Pokémon. His expertise prove invaluable.
  • Blaziken: The Main Antagonist of the series and a long standing enemy of the citizens and Littleroot.
  • Lilligant: The mysterious love interest of Aggron and Exploud.
  • Gardevoir: A kind hand maiden for Largent Shiftry. She meets Grovyle after a series of unfortunate events.
  • Swampert: Another antagonist who's motives mirror Blaziken's, but also conflict with them.
  • Magmortar: The secondary antagonist of the series and a powerful and respected Massivo within the ranks of the Order.

Supporting Characters

  • Briney: A sea captain who aids the group several times throughout their journey.
  • Bisharp: The most skilled fighter in Empoleon's Guild and current Regional Champion.
  • Scyther: One of the leading combatants at Empoleon's Guild.
  • Altaria: A wonderful and caring individual who runs a black market Inn at Fortree City.
  • Kadabra: The mayor of Littleroot Town who is very cautious and protective towards his people.
  • Electivire: Magmortar's political rival.
  • Lunatone and Solrock: Two enigmatic and mysterious characters that the group encounter later in their journey.

Minor Characters

  • Stern: The Captain of Slateport and the head of the submarine project.
  • Absol: A peculiar and illusive character who guides the group through the tall grass of Route 120 and Route 121.
  • Shiftry: An Order Largent at an area near Lavaridge.
  • Mawile: A dewford native shunned by her community.
  • Dusclops: The keeper of Mount Pyre.
  • Camerupt: A close ally of Blaziken's who aids him in his journey to Mount Chimney.
  • Swellow: The Medic and makeshift receptionist at Empoleon's Guild

Pokemon Legends - Rebellion (2012 - 2014)


Pokemon Legends - Rebellion

icking up six months after the events of Series One, the Order's senate takes control of Western Hoenn and Sceptile struggles to cope as Gardevoir mysteriously goes missing. A new and upcoming Massivo, Zoroark, and his wife Gothitelle chase a Samurott across the Sinnoh Region. The Pokémon World begins to change forever.

New Characters

  • Samurott: A brave yet stubborn Rebel who fights against the machinations of his arch enemy Zoroark.
  • Darmanitan: One of Samurott's closest friends.
  • Unfezant: The scout of Samurott's group and fierce fighter.
  • Zebstrika: Another friend of Samurott's who would give his life for the cause.
  • Zoroark: The Main antagonist of the series. He hunts Samurott mercilessly in the pursuit of elevated position.
  • Gothitelle: The cruel and twisted wife of Massivo Zoroark who develops a grudge against Gardevoir.
  • Sandslash: A young servant to the house of Zoroark who proves to be very important in later events.
  • Zangoose: Right hand man to Zoroark who's allegiance is called into question when he meets Gardevoir.
  • Seviper: A devious and scheming character who serves nobody but himself.
  • Seviper's Group: A skilled group of monstrous mercenaries who prove to be the main physical obstacle for Sceptile and his group.
  • Spiritomb: The Lord of Meteor Falls.
  • Grumpig: A respected Order Senator.

Pokemon Legends - Liberation (2015)


The Third Series of Pokémon Legends is currently in production, but has been postponed until a later date. Everything is taken to a whole new scale as the Pokémon Civil War spirals dangerously

out of control, meanwhile a plethora of new antagonists clash with one another spelling catastrophe for all involved. 
Liberation Logo 3

Pokemon Legends - Liberation

The cataclysmic new series will take Sceptile and the others on a global mission as they continue their struggle for true freedom. In the meantime, check out the premiere of Pokemon Dark Days.


Pokemon Legends Chapter 1 - The Legend of Hoenn

Pokemon Legends Chapter 2 - The Fires of Oldale

Pokemon Legends Chapter 3 - Mission to Meteor Falls

Pokemon Legends Chapter 4 - The Clash of Steel

Pokemon Legends Chapter 5 - Transgressions

Pokemon Legends Chapter 6 - The Guildmaster

Pokemon Legends Chapter 7 - Swollen Pride

Pokemon Legends Chapter 8 - Burned at Both Ends

Pokemon Legends Chapter 9 - Broken Links

Pokemon Legends Chapter 10 - The Price of Liberty

Pokemon Legends Chapter 11 - The Path Revealed

Pokemon Legends Chapter 12 - The Sacred Ground

Pokemon Legends Chapter 13 - Song of Absol

Pokemon Legends Chapter 14 - Peak of Mt. Pyre

Pokemon Legends Chapter 15 - Power of the Order

Pokemon Legends Chapter 16 - Monsters of Hoenn

Pokemon Legends Chapter 17 - The Coming Storm

Pokemon Legends Chapter 18 - Shining Vivid Green

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