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Topaz Island
Pokemon Island is a show on DCXD.It is rated NK11 for mild language.Season 1 had 20 Episodes.Season 2 has been anounced for 50 Episodes


Torterra:The male leader of Island Team.In episode 13,He evolves into Grotle.Fighting Gliscor,He once again Evolves

Infernape:The Hunter of the team.He likes Eevee,but is too shy to admit it.He evolves into Monferno battling Darkrai,& evolves again prior the The Beginning of Season 2.

Pikachu:The speed of the team.He has a crush on Buneary & Piplup.His rival is Electrivire.

Cranidos:The defence of the team.His rival(& brother)is Rampardos.

Piplup:The softy.She likes Cranidos,& often worries about him.

Buneary:The "tour guide".She has a crush on Pikachu.

Leafeon:The shy one.Her "Mother" is Piplup,Her "Daughter" is Pichu.

Pichu:She is new to the town.

Evil 25(First Squad)

I.Electrivire:The leader of the Evil 25.

II.Gliscor:The brains and Air watcher.

II.Infernape:The impatient one.Asides Magmortar,he is second in command.

IV.Magmortar:The strongest.His rival is Eevee.

VBlastoise:The Water Specialist.

VI.Lucairo:The aura dude.

VII.Bastidon:Electivire's Right hand man,or pokemon.

VIII.Weavile:He is the one responsible for melting The Snow Castle

IX.Gallade:The Fighter.

X.Ursaring:The 2nd Last member of 1st Squad.

XI.Drapion:The last member of first squad.

Evil 25(Minons)

XII.Gligar:Leader of The Idiots.

XIII.Tediursa:Stupid & Cute.

More Information Later

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