Pokemon Howlite and Hematite is a candidate for the Eighth Series of the Pokemon Anime after the Sun and Moon Anime. Featuring Ash Ketchum in the Leistu region that forbids the ownership of Electric Pokemon and Electric Moves. along the way, Ash encounters unlikely allies like Team Voltage and enemies like Team Rocket and an Evil Man who intends to use Ash's Pikachu for His own ends.

Places of Interest

  • Leistu Fossil Laboratory
  • Pokemon Medieval Park


Taupeivory Town - Where One Starter Pokemon can be acquired.


Voltage Rebellion

  1. Hello, Leistu! Satoshi Under Arrest? - Satoshi and Pikachu arrive at the Leistu Region, but He and Pikachu are confronted by police who say that ownership of electric is illegal.
  2. Naoto appears! To Taupeivory Laboratory! - Naoto, a kind trainer who opposes the law forbidding ownership of electric Pokémon helps Satoshi shake His pursuers, and brings them to Taupeivory Laboratory, where one of the starter pokemon takes a liking to Satoshi.
  3. No Electric Pokémon? No Way! - Team Rocket arrive at The Leistu Region, meanwhile, Satoshi must find a way to keep Pikachu from being taken away by the Leistu citizens.

Leistu League

  1. Leistu League Underway! A Last-Minute Competitor Appears! - With the oppression of the Governor’s No Electric Pokémon Regime gone, trainers from all over the world participate to enter the Leistu League. But, when a trainer is too late to register...
  2. Hacked? An interloper enters the league? - A rogue trainer, called the Infiltrator, known for hacking into computers of competitions hacks into the league’s system to enter, and when the best computer experts try to remove the late entry from the league computers...