Pokémon Genesis is the newest game in the Pokémon series, featuring all 493 Pokémon, giving trainers an easier way to "catch 'em all." (see PokeLocator: Genesis)

Pokémon Genesis is a game for the Nintendo Wii and features an online Wi-Fi Battle and Trading System, motion controlled battling for experienced players, hundreds of new items and characters, and much more.

This game is rated T for Teen for Mild Sexual Themes and Violence.


Pokémon Genesis is set several years before Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD, and many similarities can be seen throughout the game.


See Aravea for more details.

Aravea is the continent on which Pokémon Genesis is set. It is situated slightly to the northwest of Orre and Citadark Isle. All Pokémon originated from Aravea, but some are now much rarer than others. There are over 27 environments to explore.


40 years after the settlement of the "Miracle Continent" of Aravea, trouble is brewing. Team Enigma, a terrorist group that opposes Pokemon United, is steadily becoming more of a threat. Determined to fight back against the nefarious schemes of Enigma, Pokémon United prepares for a counterattack. They send in Agent Moh to eliminate the threat, but he fails miserably. Pokémon United is now facing defeat, but at the same time, the Junior Pokémon United member Jackal/Panther leaves on his jouney. As Jackal takes down Gym Leaders and his Rival countless times, he sets his eyes on Team Enigma and ends up saving the day for everyone.

The Development Of Shadow Pokemon

Shardz, the leader of Team Enigma, discovers a new element known as S-Polymer. This dark, sinister sand can infect the cells of anything it touches, reversing the host's attitude and typically transforming it until a vindictive machine. Shardz barely escapes being infected by the S-Polymer, but he manages to save some and begins an experiment he dubs "Project Shadow." He begins to test the element's power on Pokémon, and discovers that it has a paricularly hard time entering their cells. Desperate to finish the project, Shardz invents a terrible machine that will inject the S-Polymer into a Pokémon's cells in an immensely painful process (the process was later refined by Cipher to make it less painful and preserve some of the Pokémon's battling skill). However, when Shardz and a captured Jackal watch a Pichu forced to be subjected to the process, Shardz cannot take it and saves the Pichu, choosing never to work with Project Shadow again. As Shardz prepares to destroy the S-Polymers, two Team Enigma Grunts steal it and disappeared. These two later reappear in Pokémon Coliseum and Pokémon XD as Evice and Greevil.


Pokémon Genesis received a moderate amount of criticism for its slightly high level of maturity amongst Pokémon games. It was also criticized for the new Adhesive Film automatically attached to Legendary Pokémon. It received minor criticism from younger players whose parents did not allow them to buy the game and for lack of any new Pokémon introduced.


A Nintendo DS version of Pokémon Genesis has been announced. Also, if the player defeats Zack 90000 times, he mentions a description of what sounds like an Adults-Only Rating on a Pokémon game.

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