Pokemon FAnime is a series of animated cartoons based on recent generations.

Season I


The first two-part Episode, Random Rebirth, features the story of Arceus and Giratina coming into being. Part one tells the story of Arceus, while part two is present-time. Several characters featured in present-time, such as Myra and her Mawile, are important characters later on. DragonairSlayer and Skittish Skitty are stand-alone episodes, their only purpose being to introduce two more important characters: Alex Ketchum, the son of Misty and Ash Ketchum, and Deox, the son of Jessie and James. Deox is something of a rival to Alex, and the two fight more than once. Myra becomes friends with them both. She also gives a Master Ball she found to Alex.
Porygon! parts I, II, and III, is the first episode to deal with the death of a character.In the episode, the title character Porygon becomes friends with Deox. Deox is under orders from her Giovanni to destroy all Porygons due to their ability to hack into Team Rocket's network. Deox, at first, pretends to like the Porygon, but slowly begins to honestly like the little Program Pokemon. Deox tells Giovanni he won't kill Porygon. He is furious and sends two Persians and a Nidoking to so the job instead. Porygon holds them both off until Myra and Alex arrive. They defeat the Persians, but Nidoking manages to damage Porygon, causing part of its body to be electrified. This itself does not harm Porygon, but the Nidoking activates a garden hose at Porygon. The water meets the energy, and Porygon dies. However, he manages to wound Nidoking first. The poison spike Pokemon faints.
The next few episodes consist of Pokemon's origins. Electrgon and Dravolant, from Pokemon Titanium and Iron, have their history told in the episode Electrgon Vs. Dravolent. Dialga and Palkia, of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, are explained in Dialga Vs. Palkia.
The three Mirage pokemon appear in the episode Azelf Vs. Uxie Vs. Mesprit. In that episode, Alex stumbles apon the Mirage Pokemon, washed ashore and unconscious on a beach near his house. When they wake up it is revealed that some mysterious pokemon attacked them and threw them into the sea. They describe it as "a demon centipede". Alex helps the pokemon recover. The pokemon enlist the help of him and his pikachu to find the mysterious pokemon. The story continues in the season finale, Pikachu Vs. ???. Alex, Pikachu, and the Lake Trio arrive on a mysterious island, apon which lies Turnback Cave. Alex and the others explore the mysterious warping passages. They fight off numerous Duskulls and Dusclops until they reach the center of the cave. The mystery pokemon is Giratina. Alex sends out Pikachu, and the Lake Trio attack, but Giratina is seemingly invincible. Alex then, desperately, throws his master ball. It captures Giratina, but brings the cave down on him, Pikachu, and the Lake Trio.

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