Pokemon FAnime is an anime series based some recnt generations of Pokemon games.

List of Episodes

Season I

Full Article here: Pokemon FAnime Season I

  • Random Rebirth pt 1
  • Random Rebirth pt 2
  • DragonairSlayer
  • Skittish Skitty
  • Porygon! pt 1
  • Porygon! pt 2
  • Porygon! pt 3
  • Resistance is Useful
  • Electrgon Vs. Dravolent
  • Dialga Vs. Palkia
  • Azelf Vs. Uxie Vs. Mesprit
  • Pikachu Vs. ???

Season II

Full Article Here: Pokemon FAnime Season II

  • Porygon2
  • Missingno Vs. M.
  • Element Winds Saga pt 1, OR, Groudon Vs. Kyogre
  • Element Winds Saga pt 2, OR, Groudon Vs. Rayquaza
  • Element Winds Saga pt 3, OR, Kyogre Vs. Rayquaza
  • Jirachi Vs. Celebi
  • Ho-Oh Vs. Lugia
  • With All My Heart
  • Lugia Vs. Giratina
  • Guardian Darkrai
  • The Return
  • Celebi?! pt 1
  • Celebi?! pt 2
  • Cresselia Vs. Gratina pt. I

Season III

Full Article here: Pokemon FAnime Season III

  • My Heart Saga pt 1, OR, Power!
  • My Heart Saga pt 2, OR, Luvdisc and Darkdisc
  • My Heart Saga pt 3, OR, Mawile Vs. Darkdisc
  • My Heart Saga pt 4, OR, Porygon Returns! Epic Conclusion!
  • Pokemon Jailer! Team Angel gone Bad!?
  • Johto Again! pt 1, OR, The Search for Suicune
  • Dravolent the Demon Heart!
  • Johto Again! pt 2, OR, Lugia Returns!
  • Johto Again! pt 3, OR, Suicune Vs. Raikou Vs. Entei
  • Escape from the Lair of Darkrai
  • Electrgon Vs. Dravolent
  • Deoxys Vs. Mewtwo
  • Arceus Vs. Giratina pt. II
  • Epilogue

More To Come

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