Pokémon Engineering is a new way to create and edit the Pokémon of your dreams. Though it cannot change the appearance, nature, or gender of your Pokémon, it can completely change their battle style and Moveset.

To engineer a Pokémon, you must have access to Eagun’s Lab underneath Eagun Mansion at Battle Park. To do so, you need to have defeated the Elite Four at least twice.

There are several steps to engineering a Pokémon:

  1. Select a Pokémon at Level 35 or higher in Box 1, 2, or 3, or one that is already on your team. You cannot choose a Pokémon that was imported from another game.
  2. Place the Pokémon in the Pokéngine. This will decrease its Friendship to 0.
  3. Select three of the Pokémon’s moves to delete.
  4. Open the list of Pokémon Moves. You can use the search function to find moves easier. Select three of them to teach to the Pokémon.
  5. No matter what the moves are, the Pokémon will learn them.

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