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Title Pokémon Destiny
AuthorDakota Manier
TaglineThe story of Kenta, Sabrina, and Slowpoke as they travel the world, collect badges, battle Team Rocket, and maybe make some friends along the way.
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Genre(s) Original Trainer, Action, Adventure, Romance
Written March 2011 – present
Status In progress
Final LengthFive Acts composed of many "episodes"
Rating PG to PG13
Point of View 3rd Person
Last Uploaded Act 1 Episode 18

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Pokémon Destiny is an original trainer fanfiction series with no intention of infringing on copyrights owned by Game Freak or Nintendo.

The series began production in March 2011 and was first released in April of that year. It was intended to be a fusion of the Pokémon game and anime universe. As such, the major characters are mainly based on video game characters, and the plot references to the anime.

PD consists of nineteen episodes contained in a single act. Though more chapters and arcs are planned.

The Story

Act 1 : The Trainer from Johto

Kenta Diamond awakens, after some exposition, in the town of New Bark where he meets Professor Elm. Tasked with meeting with Mister Pokémon, Kenta is given his fist Pokémon, a Slowpoke. After completing their task, the new trainer is forced into battle against a trainer later revealed to have stolen a Ralts from Professor Elm.

With little to do, and at the urging of Professor Elm, Kenta decided to take Slowpoke along for another adventure. This time collecting the 8 badges of Johto, and maybe Kanto, too. Along the way Kenta met a few people, caught some Pokémon, removed a ghost from the Sprout Tower, and finally got the Zephyr Badge. With help from Slowpoke, Kenta chose to go south next and along the way captured a Mareep, stayed the night at a Pokémon center, and beat a powrful Graveler.

But all was not well at his next city, Azalea Town. All the Slowpoke had vanished, and Thugs from the notorious Team Rocket were harassing the citizens. One such citizen, Kurt, had enough. He rushed off to the Slowpoke Well with Kenta in hot pursuit. Within the Well, Kenta faced off for the first time with Executive Proton of Team Rocket. The battle ended when Proton's Koffing exploded, knocking the Executive into the Well's water and flowing away. After a rest with Kurt, Kenta facec and beat Bugsy to earn the Hive Badge.


PD character Character (s)he was based on
Kenta Diamond Original (though some say based on Gold from Adventures)
Slowpoke Slowpoke
Sabrina Natsume Leader Sabrina (anime)
Sanguine Nivale Silver (G/S/C/HG/SS)
Executive Proton Proton (HG/SS)
Seles HG/SS Rocket Grunt