Pokémon Coral and Ash are two Pokémon games. One is for the Game Boy Advance SP, and the other is for the DS Lite. As with Pokemon Arc and Gira, the game cannot be completed with out both of them, for which reason they are packaged together.




Pokémon Ash, for the Game Boy Advance SP, opens with a question: DO YOU HAVE Pokémon CORAL? . If you press yes, the game will tell you to place the game in the DS with Coral. You will then continue the game from where you left off with Coral, albeit with the ability to get the National dex, and gain the Diploma. If you press no, the game will start.

Pokémon Coral, for the Nintendo DS Lite, opens with a question: DO YOU HAVE Pokémon ASH? . If you press yes, the game will tell you to place the game in the DS with Ash in the other slot. You will then continue the game from where you left off with Ash, albeit with the ability to get the National dex, and gain the Diploma. If you press no, the game will start:
You have a choice between three Starters: Treeko, Piplup, and Cyndaquil. Once you choose, Prof. Dongle will give you a Pokédex and introduce you to his Pokémon (the one weakest to yours). You battle him for practice and set of on your journey.
Leader: Jimmy
Pokémon: Lvl 10 Probopass, Lvl 19 Grubble, Lvl 5 Ralts
Badge: Heart Badge
Leader: Jason & Ralph
Pokémon (Jason): Lvl 15 Kadabra, lvl 12 Shuppet, Lvl 20 Sneasel
Pokémon (Ralph): Lvl 1 Ralts, Lvl 3 Baltoy, Lvl 4 Gligar
Badge: Mental badge
Leader: Misty
Pokémon: Lvl 20 Gyarados, Lvl 25 Starmie, Lvl 50 Magikarp
Badge: Cascade Badge

Between gym the third and fourth gyms, you are confonted by Team GalactiRocket. Apparently Giovanni and Cyrus have joined forces. You infiltrate their hideout with the help of Misty and have a double battle with Cyrus and Giovanni. as a shocker, Giovanni' last Pokémon... is Dialga?! This Dialga can't be beat; you lose, but instead of going to a PokeCenter, there IS AN ACTUAL ANIMATED CUTSCENE!!! In it, Giovanni is laughing over his victory. He tells you that he has been capturing every legendary he can find, and he used a Masterball to catch Dialga. But Dialga betrays him; he uses his powers to make Giovanni and Cyrus evaporate. Okay, cutscene's over. You race all over town after Dialga, but he escapes with the help of... Giratina? He leaves an ElectriPortal Ball behind, which you pick up. Oh well, on to the next gym!
Leader: Murzon
Pokémon: Lvl 32 Chingling, Lvl 30 Shellos(Blue), Lvl 30 Shellos(Pink), lvl 39 Grimer, lvl 20 Remoraid
Badge: Acid Badge
Pokémon: Lvl 100 Groudon
Badge: Magma Badge

Woah! Maxie had... Groudon? Don't worry; despite Groudon's level, it has the stats of a level three Groudon. After you beat him, Maxie says that Groudon had been "freed" (from what is unknown) by Giratina. Apparently Giratina's forcing all of the old Team Leaders back into action, even if they don't want to. Maxie begs for help, but Giratina appears. You automatically lose. Giratina creates a portal and sucks Maxie away before disappearing himself.
Leader: Ginny Kazoom
Pokémon: Lvl 1 Luvdisc, Lvl 50 Luvdisc, Lvl 40 Darkdisc
Badge: Happy Badge
Leader: Clair
Pokémon: Lvl 47 Dragonair, Lvl 47 Dragonair, Lvl 47 Dragonair, Lvl 50 Kingdra
Badge: Rising Badge

Alright! Now, with all of your newfound skills, scale Mt. Deathview. At the top waits Shaymin. After you beat it (you can't catch it), it give you an item: the PokeTranslator. Now you can hear what Legendaries say! Now you can hear what Shaymin wants to tell you. It says that its master, Arceus, has been captured by Giratina. You must rescue it. The only clue you recieve is "Use the Other One". Shaymin vanishes, leaving the path clear to FinalFort City.
Leader: Roark
Pokémon: Lvl 60 Graveler, Lvl 57 Golem, Lvl 45 Onix, Lvl 32 Rampardos
Badge: Coal Badge

Oh! Just when you thought the eighth gym battle was over, Riley walks in and battles you for the coal badge. This is the first time you are actually considered a gym leader in the game. You beat him and leave the post of Gym Leader in Riley, who declines, saying he has "bigger things in mind".
Yes! You've beat all the gyms! Now have to beat the Elite Four. Use all of your HMs in a row in front of the Octillery Statue in Salvador City. The statue will fall apart, revealing an elivator to nowhere. Enter. There are nine towns you can travel to on the elevator. All of them you've been to before except for town number nine: Shadow City. Go there. You'll see a PokeMart and a Pokémon Center outside the large, shadowy temple. It's always raining there.Go inside, you are faced with several double battles in a row (your Pokémon are automatically healed after each battle): Groudon and Kyogre, Celebi and Mew, Latios and Latias (who flee after four turns), Ho-Oh and Lugia, Raikou and Entei, Mewtwo (single battle),Articuno and Moltres, Zapdos and Regirock, Regice and Registeel, Regigigas and Rayquaza, and Jirachi (single battle). When you beat all them, you enter a room with four doors. If you enter door #1, you fight a double battle with Deoxys' Neutral Form and Mesprit. If you enter door #2, you fight a double battle with Deoxys' Speed Form and Uxie. If you enter door #3, you fight a double battle with Deoxys' Defense Form and Azelf. If you enter door #4, you fight a double battle with Deoxys' Attack Form and Mewtwo. Anyway, in each room, after you beat the legendaries, a door appears. All the doors lead to the same hall, and they all shut behind you. Your Pokémon are slowly healed as you walk down the hall. When you reach the end, you see Giratina. Behind it are four captive Pokémon. Dialga, Palkia, and Suicune are being held in giant Master Balls. Arceus is being held in a giant Master Ball with an incredible energy shield around it, making it impossible for him to use his vast power. You walk over. Suddenly Riley races in, shouting at Giratina to free them. Giratina says that he would like to, but his in actuality not doing this of his own will. He had been captured by "some Suicune maniac". That "suicune maniac reveals himself: Eusine! Eusine says that he has finally found a way to make suicune his. He plans to use the power of Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina to merge Suicune with himself. You battle him. Once his Giratina is defeated, he commands Dialga, Arceus, and Palkia to channel their energy into himself and Suicune. Instead, they just channel energy into Suicune until they evaporate. Suicune is now a gigantic creature. Furious at Eusine for its imprisonment, it escapes from the ball and blows up the temple. What follows is a rather humerous cutscene of the many legendaries you had fought previously racing out of the temple. Poor Mew keeps getting stepped on by Regigigas...
You, Riley, and Eusine barely make it out alive. Eusine sees the monsterous "ArchSuicune" creating hail and snow, and smashing stuff, trying to get at him. Eusine sees Suicune coming for him. He laughs sadly and says:

"Oh Suicune... I had such hopes..."

A cutscene begins again, as Eusine pulls out the ElectriPortal Ball, that harnesses the power of Arceus. He raises it above his head and presses the Activate mechanism. ArchSuicune turns bak into Suicune and Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus are revived. All of the legendaries- all the ones you fought in the temple- disappear in a flash of light generated by the ball. Eusine vanishes, hugging Suicune to him. Suicune's voice and Eusine's voice say together, "Farewell." The screen goes black, and when it becomes clear again, you are outside where the temple had been. In its place is The Pokémon League building. Instead of rain, it is now snowing. You enter the building and heal yourself. Then you face the Elite Four, one by one.
Member: Scythic
Pokémon: Lvl 60 Scyther, Lvl 61 Scizor, Lvl 63 Scizor, Lvl 52 Pinsir, Lvl 56 Heracross

Oh! Looks like Jason made it to the Elite Four...!

Member: Lucian
Pokémon: Lvl 59 Mr. Mime, Lvl 59 Girafarig, Lvl 60 Medicham, lvl 60 Kadabra, Lvl 40 Bronzong

Member: Skull&Bone
Pokémon (Skull): Lvl 65 Cubone, Lvl 56 Marowak
Pokémon (Bone): Lvl 65 Marowak, Lvl 56 Cubone

You've beaten the Elite Four. Beware the champion...

Member: Riley
Pokémon: lvl 50 Riolu, Lvl 100 Lucario, Lvl 30 Riolu

Congrats! You've beaten the game... kinda.

After Getting the National Dex

After getting the National Dex, you can do the following things in the Nisinnoh Region:

  • Go to Flower Paradise to catch Shaymin
  • Fight all the gyms again. Jason, being part of the Elite Four, has been replaced by the person he battled with before, Ralph.
  • Use the bonus HM, Leap, to get to the top of Mt. Ectruteak (named after the Ectruteak Gym) to fight Eusine (who has apparently reformed) and his Pokémon, Minicune, a replica of Suicune.
  • Go to the Gate with Mystery Gift to fight Ezence.
  • Go to the Pond to fight Lilly Pad Joe, now with the sprite and cry of Lombre.
  • Go to Leer Lounge and draw a lottery ticket to get Mew
  • Beat the Pokémon League again to unlock Deoxys.

After completing all of these things (except for the Mystery gift) you can play through the Sinnoh Region again. The Gym Leaders are as follows:

  • Leader Loren
  • Leader Gardenia
  • Leader May Lene
  • Leader Crasher Wake II
  • Leader Fantina
  • Leader Byron
  • Leader Candice
  • Leader Jasmine
  • Elite Four Aaron
  • Elite Four Bertha
  • Elite Four Flint
  • Elite Four Crasher Wake
  • Elite Four Volkner

After you beat them, you can travel through the Sinnoh and Nisinnoh regions trying to fill the National Dex. Once you collect all the Pokémon in Sinnoh and Nisinnoh, Pal Park becomes accessible and you can collect all the Pokémon. Once you beat them all, you can customize, design, and name your own town and allow others to visit it via Wireless.

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