Pokémon United is the current governing body in Aravea. After several years of reform, they began a democratic system of governing, and they are now considered "fair" by the citizens.


The continent of Aravea was once an area with no form of government that was controlled by various thieves and vandals. However, in the 3rd year after the settlement of Aravea, a team of officials that would soon be known as Pokémon United arrived, bringing peace and order to the continent.

The First Decade

Many problems occurred in the first decade in which Pokémon United governed. The same thieves and vandals who controlled the continent before continued to rebel, resulting in needless loss of life and war. The thieves used "Death Balls" to kill countless people and Pokémon, but Pokémon United eventually prevailed, putting down the rebellion. It is believed that the rebels migrated to Kanto and became the next generation's Team Rocket.

The Second Decade

The second decade was an era of peace and reform for Aravea and Pokémon United. Democratic functions were created, allowing the people of the continent to vote on issues and leaders. However, Pokémon United still ruled, which led people to believe that Aravea's government was not democratic. A large amount of arguments came up during this era, which Pokémon United described as "simple arrogance."

The Third Decade

After democratic issues came up in the second decade, Pokémon United passed them off as minor scares, However, in the fourth year of the third decade, a group of rebellious citizens known as "The New Order Of Freedom" rose up and began to rebel. Believing Pokémon United to be a group of dictators bent on total control of the world, they took over a large portion of Aravea to the north. This created a great sway of thought in Pokémon United, helping them realize their wrongdoing in the past. They were steadily becoming the dictators these people feared. They put down the rebellion, but later endorsed The New Order in helping remake the country.

The Fourth Decade

The New Order Of Freedom once again became a threat, gaining a new leader, Shardz Eagun, who changed the group into Team Enigma, a terrorist group bent on overthrowing Pokémon United. the Junior Pokémon United agent Jackal eliminated the threat, and Shardz was left a changed man.

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