Pokémon Reborn! is the pokémon seires after the first one ended. It takes place 15 years later in the future, Each protagonist is a daugther or son of Ash Kectum or one of his companions.

Characters (in order of regions)


Halia Kectum - free-spirited daughter of Ash and Dawn, a cheerful 10 year old girl born in Cerulean City, has her own Pikachu for a partner, a personality that like a combination of Ash's and Misty's but she won't release her Pokémon. She tries to caught rare and legendary Pokémon all over the regions and has at least 4, Mew, Celebi, Raikou, and Victini.

Ade - muscular son of Brock, a handsome 15 year old boy with nine brothers, he seems to be the second to oldest of them. He takes his father's place as a gym leader when he's taking breaks. Ace first met Sophia in his hometown when he bumped into her when approuching the gym to battle his father. He started traveling with Sophia after she earned the boulder badge.

Dita - a young 10 year old girl from Saffron city who started traveling with Sophia and Ace before Sophia challenged Sabrina. She was bothered by people who didn't like her meals and by her sisters who made fun of her. She has a dream of being a psychic Pokémon master which why all her Pokémon are psychic. Her partner is a female Eevee, Dita sure it will evolve to Espeon or Umbreon.

Mindy - Brave daugther of Misty and Sophia's final Kanto companion. A talented 14 year old with many water type pokémon, Her main Pokémon partners are her two male twin Golducks. She has a luck charm in finding special items.

Lana - childish daughter of Team Rocket members Jessie and James, a girly 12 year old girl born in Lavender Town. She has a Sunkern for a starter Pokémon because she was sick on the day she was suppose to pick one of the 3 Kanto starter. Lana (along with Meowth) is the first of one of the few villains to follow Sophia though all the regions She travels with the Meowth, Jessie and James traveled with, some of their pokémon, and her own. She never abandoned her lonely personality like James, Jessie, and Meowth. She is helping Neo Team Rocket find Giovanni but has no knowledge from mask of Terra.

Sanna Oak - brave daughter of Gary Oak and Sophia's first rival. A tomboyish 11 year old with attitude. She has followed Sophia thought the regions. Her first Pokémon was Charmander while Sophia's was Bulbasaur. She appeared every other-time Sophia wins a badge.

Mask of Terra - the mysterious leader of Neo Team Rocket. He gives no knowledge to Lana but to Silver and his friends from the teams and Prestina & October. He seems very strange to Lana but he has a relationship with Giovanni, but she doesn't know.

Prestina - Gothic daughter of team rocket members Cassidy and Butch and one of the two rivals of Lana. Along with October, Prestina has knowledge unlike Lana, Like Meowth, Prestina has a female talking Absol who seems self-centered. Prestina is not smart at all.

October - Rock style daughter of team rocket members Hun and Attila and the second rival of Lana. She has a shiny male lapras for a partner and other water Pokémon, which is why she wears a light-purple bathing suit. Most people get her name mixes up and call her "Sunober" which she can't stand.

Daniel - romantic son of Ritchie, a handsome 10 year old with all nicknamed Pokémon like his father, his Pokémon partner is his male Machoke nicknamed Guts.


Silver - fierce son of Giovanni of Team Rocket. Along with Bat and Xipil, they are the three sons of evil organization leaders who are looking for their fathers, a strict 15 year old boy who seems to annoy Lana. His main Pokémon is his Meganium. Like Sophia's Chikorita, his Meganium is a female. He and his two friends seem to sometimes "blast off" like Lana and Meowth.

Reika - granddaughter of Gym leader Pryce, a smart 12 year old girl who sometimes helps her grandparents with food, his Pokémon, and battling, she has ice Pokémon from all regions.


Maple - pretty daughter of May, a sassy 10 year old who has a female Ralts for a starter Pokémon, she looks like May but wears as skirt instead of pants, she likes traveling like her mother

Bat - muscular son of Archie of Team Aqua. He travels with Silver and Xipil since her father disappeared while he and team aqua were at route 8. a strong 15 year old as muscular as his father. His main Pokémon is his Feraligatr, a male one.

Xipil - intelligent son of Maxie of Team Magma, He travels with Silver and Bat since his father disappeared in the river, a smart 15 year old who's main Pokémon is his male Typhlosion. He seems a little rude to Silver, Bat, and Lana.


Barry Jr. - Identical son of Barry who was one of Ash's Sinnoh's rivals. His first Pokémon was a male Turtwig who similar to Sophia's Turtwig. a chattering 11 year old with attitude. He has met Lana and Meowth several times after Sophia and Ade arrived.

Syrita - mean daughter of Cyrus of Team Galactic, A self-centered 10 year old who blames Ash, Dawn and Brock for her father's death and is now the new Team Galactic leader. Her new plot for Team Galactic is to kill Sophia, Ade, and Dalia. Her Pokémon partner is her Mismagius, a female one

Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter - the three commanders of Team Galactic. Were arrested when Ash was there but were able to escapes thanks to Syrita. they now want to kill Sophia.

Terrier - Gothic son of Paul, his Pokémon partner is his Electrode, A mean 15 year old with no female Pokémon. He has appeared in almost every episode.

J - Pokémon Hunter J, her ship drowned in an ocean, but she and her men and Pokémon survived. Now discovering Sophia is the daughter of Ash and Misty, She usually tries to caught her Pokémon.

Dee Dee - pretty daughter of Ursula. a rude 11 year old with attitude. Her Pokémon partner is her female Umbreon. She always uses her Vs Seeker to rematch with trainers and gym leaders, while controlling their feelings.

Penny - Sweet daughter of Nando. A Music-loving 13 year old who is a rival to both Sophia and Dalia, Her Pokémon partner is both her Sunflora and Bellossom.

Jade - Smart daughter of Zoey, A pretty 10 year old who was an old friend od Dalia, same way Dawn and Zoe. Her Pokémon partner is her male Buizel.


Tonomi - Brave daughter of Iris, an identical 10 year old with four male Axew as her Pokémon partners. She was born in the Village of Dragons after Drayden died from being hit by Dragon Rage. She looks like Iris but has a different hairstyle and different clothes.

Cilan Jr. - Intelligent son of Cilan and Bianca. A smart 15 year old who first met Sophia and Tonomi in Accumula Town along with brothers Cress Jr. and Chili Jr. while a tour of a Pokémon center. He wants to follow his father footsteps in becoming a Pokémon connoisseur. His pokémon partners are 2 Pansage brothers.

Amalia - mysterious daughter of N of Team Plasma and his wife Concordia, A strict 10 year old who both a rival of Sophia and all her companions and a grunt of Team Plasma (even through she never wears the uniform) but not only does she want to be a dark-type Pokémon master but also wishes to become the new leader of Team Plasma and create a new plot. Her starter and partner Pokémon is her male Zorua.

Cheren - Strict son of Trip, A rude 10 year old as rude as his dad is. His starter Pokémon was his female Oshawott. He was Sophia's first Unova rival but also a rival of Amalia. His partner Pokémon is his two male twin Darmanitans.

N - the leader of Team Plasma, Was a teenager when Ash was there, but now a grown man who married Concordia and gave birth to Amalia, He believes Amalia will be a good leader if she finds a good new plot of the team.

Regina - Terrible daughter of Burgundy, a creepy 15 year old connoisseur who wants average Cilan Jr. for her Mother. Her starter Pokémon was her male Tepig.

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