Title Pokémon Quest
AuthorEric Oakford
TaglineA Pokémon FanFic Noir
Posted At Pokémon Quest, FanFiction.Net
Genre(s) Original Trainer, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Written December 15, 2005 - present
Final LengthFour 20-chapter stories (estimated)
Rating PG to R
Point of View 3rd Person

Pokémon Quest is an original trainer fanfiction series and fan site authored by Eric "CDrayan" Oakford.

The series began production in August 2005 and was released in December of that year as an adaptation of the Pokémon game universe. As such, the major characters are mainly based on video game characters, e.g. the protagonists and antagonists. Other things, such as familial relations and plot, are created from imagination.

Quest consists of three completed stories, with the fourth one currently being written.

Story Series

Raiders of the Pokemon

Upon finding three Pokémon, three Pokémon Trainers take them in and later go to a museum. However, there is also a robbery. Karl and Hadley Caliduct and Kevin Oak manage to escape, but Kevin's sister and father are abducted by Team Rocket. Soon, the trio and their respective Pokémon find themselves having to fend for themselves through unstable terrain in Kanto. From Silph Co. to the Power Plant, the three eventually find that their Pokémon are not what they seem.

The Return of Team Rocket

A year after, Kamon Stelldox upon his father's disappearance, is relocated to Goldenrod City to live with relatives. His friends Duncan and Crystal Caliduct then arrive to his house to tell him about Team Rocket's reform, explaining that the organization is coming after him. The three narrowly escape Team Rocket, but eventually Kamon is kidnapped. Duncan and Crystal eventually find out more about Kamon than they thought.

The Gems of Hoenn

After this, Kamon dreams of being in an unknown location with an unknown man. He dismisses this as simply a bad dream. Upon his family moving to Hoenn, Kamon has another dream. This time, it is of his old home in Kanto. Wondering if there is more to his life than just Team Rocket, he rounds up his old friends (who have also moved to Hoenn with him) and they begin the search for clues about his past.

Meanwhile, his cousin May meets up with the son of Professor Birch, and the two further meet Wally, a boy who is looking for his sister. The three all start their adventure together.

Tabitha Ventosia and Courtney Ramalio, two villains from Return of Team Rocket, join Team Magma in the hopes of getting college money after their probation expires. However, this turns out to be the precursor to something sinister...

Shadows of Kamon

Kamon returns to Kanto, but things have drastically changed since the end of 'Raiders of the Pokémon'. A Pokémon Hunter is on the loose, stealing Pokémon from unfortunate souls, and a secret laboratory is continuing Team Rocket's experiments.


Quest character Game character (s)he was based off of
Karl Caliduct Red
Hadley Caliduct Leaf
Kevin Oak Gary Oak/Blue
Conner and Sandy Drayan Rocket Executives
Becky Drayan GSC Female Grunt
Mandroph Darkao (original character)
Kamon Stelldox Silver
Duncan Caliduct Gold
Crystal Caliduct Crystal
Brendan Birch Brendan
May Stelldox May
Wally Syntheprove Wally
Tabitha Ventosia Tabitha and Hokage
Courtney Ramalio Courtney
Matt Geotica Matt
Shelly Syntheprove Shelly
Maxie Banrun Maxie
Archie Archie
Matt Geotica Matt
Daisy Oak Daisy Oak
Robert Oak (original character)
Professor Paul Oak Professor Oak
Barbara Oak (original character)
Ben Pyrolic Gym doorman
Bill Microbyte Bill
Lance Envimorph Lance

External Links

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