Pokemon Quartz

Pokemon Quartz is a hacked game of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It has a great deal of spelling and grammatical errors. It contains swearing, profanity and adult themes, which are usually absent from a Pokemon game.


There are 386 fakemon in this game, though not all are obtainable. In Pokemon Quartz, you will receive a Pokemon from 3 choices: Aquegg, Seegg, and Fireegg. As you progress, however, you will encounter many more, most notably the legendary Pokemon of Corna. Pokemon Quartz is also known for its legendary Pokemon.

From the beginning there are others Pokémon available. Like Squiritti, Sever, Reabari, Larvly, Weedo, Covolts and Babos.

A Pokédex PDF can be downloaded here.

Antogonistic Organizations

The antagonistic organizations of Pokemon Quartz is Band Ambar.

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