This page is meant to be for staff members only. You probably won't get too much use out of it, but you can suggest maintenance edits and do some of your own on the forum discussion page.

Welcome, Admins!
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Our Style

  • It is our job to do good for the wiki and its users!
    • Help others by checking the help page, looking over recent changes frequently, and doing mandatory wiki maintenance.
  • Read over this thread often.
  • Enforce the rules, even if it is upon a friend.
    • Admins shall always leave a warning to a rulebreaker before a block is enforced.
  • If an administrator or other staff member quits the wiki, their administrator powers will be relieved of them.
  • If an administrator or other staff member is inactive for 45 days without prior excuse, then they will be demoted to rollback if they did a good job, but only upon his or her return, and with continued activity, will they be given sysop powers back if 2/3 or more of the bureaucrats agree.
    • This can only occur two times before the demotion is permanent and the user has to go through the voting process again.
  • When thinking of a new rule that could affect the future of the wiki and that has not been tested before, it must be voted in. For rules that have already been tested, get permission from owner, one other bureaucrat, and head admin. Voting options shall be decided by council.
  • When a user is blocked for 100 years or more, their pages become property of the wiki, and may be edited freely, protected, or deleted if they violate policies. An administrator may also allow an interested user to adopt it.
  • If a staff member abuses their powers, does not follow the style guide, or breaks a rule, they will be given a 3 week long probation period by a bureaucrat.
  • If an admin gives a block to a user of good faith without letting off a warning, the admin will be put on a one month probation period.
    • Probation periods for staff -- If they break another rule during the probation, they will be either demoted, blocked or both, depending on the rule(s) broken.
  • It is a bureaucrat's job to do the above in addition to enforce the guide and rules on the other staff members.
  • The Head Bureaucrat goes by a designated term. (Such as Owner, but Manager and Leader are preferred terms because wikis cannot be owned)
    • This user is the voice of the community and leads public relations
  • The Head Admin is the voice of the admin team and advisor to the bureaucrats.
  • He or she shall recieve complaints from admins below them and relay them to the bureaucrats if the issue cannot be resolved.
  • The wiki shall strive to keep one head bureaucrat, two associate bureaucrats, one head admin and at least two associate admins active on this wiki doing tasks assigned to them. There shall be no more than five users with sysop privileges on the wiki at a time unless the wiki is under attack.
  • In such kind of an attack, any trusted editor can be given temporary adminship with approval of the bureaucrats. 
  • The wiki shall always vote concerning new admins unless above conditions are not met.
  • Up to three rollbacks can be enlisted at a time training for adminship.
  • Rollbacks are expected to do maintenance like an admin, and revert vandalism. If the vandalism cannot be handled, they notify an admin.
  • Up to ten moderators are allowed. 
  • Moderators shall monitor the chat/forums/blogs/talk pages and notify rollbacks of vandalism on the wiki.

Advanced Fixes

Admin Help Needed Visit this category.

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