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This is PokéFanon's rule list and behavior guide. It works in tandem with the style guide. The rules are ranked by importance. Level one includes the worst rules to be broken, and rules with larger numbers don't have as severe consequences. An admin will warn you of your possible block time when you break a rule. However, if we believe you mean well, we will take extra measures to keep you around! ;)

Level 1

  • Vandalism
    • This may be a wiki, but that doesn't mean that the content is owned by everyone. Users shouldn't change other people's property. Especially not deface it. If an edit is found to be vandalism, you will be warned, and if you persist you will be blocked based on the type of vandalism. If you were not aware of our page ownership policy, please note that in your reply to any warning you get. However, that will be your only warning.
  • Mature content
    • Children read wikia. Please don't post content that isn't suitable for users under 13 without warnings in red and a page rating. You will be warned when such happens. Mature content includes excessive use of curse words. Minor words such as crap and hell are fine. Just don't use words like <censored> too often. If you do, use the {{censor}} template. It also includes whatever any person off the street would consider <censored> content.

Level 2

  • Plagiarism (includes art theft)
    • Posting content that isn't owned by you without attributing it to the author. This is against the law! If you adopt a page, you must also adapt it. You will be warned, and if you continue, appropriate action will be taken.
  • Harassment/Insults
    • To annoy persistently and/or asking someone something multiple times after getting an answer are the things we see as harassment. You will be warned and appropriate actions will be taken. No one likes to be insulted. Depending on how bad the insult is, appropriate consequences will be decided.
  • Threats
    • When you threaten another user, you will be warned. If you continue your bad behavior, appropriate action will be taken.
  • Bad Grammar and Style Issues
    • This isn't a social networking site. If you can't type correctly, the wiki starts to look bad. Follow the Style Guide to keep this wiki looking optimum and presentable! If your page is not improved 3 days after creation without the use of a {{Stub}} template or similar, it may be deleted at will. If the user who created a poor page has been inactive for at least a year, they can be deleted at will. Active users may face a one month block (after 2 weeks or no improvement at all), or a block until the user's 13th birthday if under 13 if multiple offending articles exist under their name. You can go here to help with your/other users' grammar! Issues with page deletion can be taken up with an admin.
    • There is a small exception for dyslexic users, because they cannot help making spelling mistakes and typos.
  • Non-PokéFanon page creation
    • If you create pages that do not relate to the wiki, you will be warned, and if bad behavior continues, appropriate action will be taken.
  • Forum Abuse
    • If the Forum Style is not followed, an administrator may delete offending threads. If the abuse continues, a short block may follow.
  • Abuse Using Sockpuppets
    • See Level 5: More Info. This can include breaking any of these rules or deviating away from the Style Guide.

Level 3

  • Bad edits
    • Please follow the Style Guide. It keeps the wiki in tip-top shape. Deletion of page will happen when the page isn't improved within 3 days.
  • Spam
    • Editing here is fun, but in order to keep it fun it needs to be tidy. Please do not add irrelevant information to any page. You will be warned, and removed if the behavior continues.

Level 4

  • Category Abuse
    • Pages must be placed in the correct categories. More info can be found on the Style Guide. An admin will warn you when you don't categorize correctly, and will direct you in the correct way.

Level 5

  • Sock-puppetry
    • You don't need more than one account on wikia. If you are found to own more than one account, you will be asked what your main account is and others will be blocked. All accounts will be blocked for same time as host account. Depending on the number of sock-puppets, 2 months will be added to your block time.

ADDITIONAL INFO: If these sockpuppets are used to abuse the wiki or cheat the system, additional block time is allotted and the Offense becomes Level 1 or 2. At least a 1 year block will be enforced for the main account in addition to the 2 months per sockpuppet.


  • Wiki creation
    • Making your own wiki about the same subject and advertising it on PFW. If you advertise your wiki, you have no need to edit this wiki anymore, and you'll be blocked from editing.
  • Follow the rules of RPs.
    • If you break a rule in the RP, you will be removed from the RP. If you do this multiple times, you will be blocked for a week.
  • Admins-
    • Do not abuse power
    • Do not ignore rule breakers
    • Bureaucrats are in charge of your conduct. If you break a rule, you will be demoted.
    • Do not block other admins.
    • DO let off a warning.
    • DO respect everyone.
    • DO NOT threaten
    • See PokéFanon:Staff Home.

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