These are the frequently asked questions on this wiki. Please read these before asking for help on the help page.

Q1: Do we vote here? Is this wiki a democracy? How are decisions made here?

A1: Yes, we democratically vote here for most big decisions.

Q2: How do I become an admin, junior admin, or moderator?

A2: Please read this page.

Q3: How can I help?

A3: You can always fix grammar on others' pages and make them consistent across the wiki. Add categories to these pages, but make sure they are recognized categories (if in doubt, ask a staff member. You can always feel free to create your own fanon, but never edit another user's without their permission other than for reasons earlier stated. Pages labeled Canon are open to all, but please read Project:Canon first.

Q4: Can you make my page for me and put this content in it?

A4: No. That's not what it's about. It's your page, it's all explained here.
Q5: can i add my sketches for the pokemon i make?

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