PokéEarth is the universe in which Arcanine Royale sets most of his fanfiction. These fanfictions are at the moment only Now and Forever and No Place to Hide. However, he plans to set nearly all of his fanfictions in it, including science fiction stories in the future such as Interception, Galaxy, and A Desperate Rescue. PokéEarth parallels our earth in its beginning. However, there are pokémon. Also, there are larger islands. Thus, the timeline has split off and technology is created more quickly.


Due to the fact that there are pokémon in PokéEarth, civilization is far more advanced than that of our world. The year 2000 marks the 100th year of the United Environmental Service Plan. However, there are many things that the past has seen.

Pre-H. sapiens

The history of mankind and Earth began long before the beginning of H. sapien. In fact, human life on the earth began long befoe the first Ice Age. It was aproximately 2.2 mya from 2007 when the first group of non-pokémon primates evolved to advanced sentience. These Homo micron were the first to evole and thus set out to advance their race. They developed many technologies, such as wheeled vehicles and a mechanical calculator. This was, before they were overtaken by Homo aurorus. These humans were born in the alpine mountains and were adapted to surviving frigid climate. This proved to be their greatest strength when an asteroid that claimed the life of nearly all of the dinosaur pokémon save a handful of the ice element forced the earth into the First Ice Age. H. aurorus prospered in the harsh climate and quickly discovered many advances, among them psychic elemental powers through a special substance found on many of the asteroids - Rhorium. Through these psychic powers, auroran humans quickly developed into a starfaring nation, building the great Terran Empire and spreading forth throughout the galaxy.

Few of the Aurorans remembered their homeworld, and though it remained the capital, a civil war began. Earth Council led the Terran Empire forward against the Confederacy of Galactic Residents. The war lasted for a century. It was at this time that the earth plunged into the Second Ice Age. Ironically, the Aurorans since their starfaring had lost much of their ability to survive in harsh cold. As the glaciers covered the massive Pangaia, Aurorans across the Earth were destroyed. Those that survived were killed by groups of near-sentient Ghareth, predecessors of Blaizekin. A handful of the Auroans survived, quickly adapting their language Auro to be understood by pokémon. Through this alliance pokémon learned psychic powers and Aurorans were able to survive.

When the second century of the war ended and parley was met at Wexley 5, near the line of the main theatre (the Core Worlds theatre), the loyale Terrans returned to find that Earth had been destroyed. It was by chance that this loss went unnoticed. Most of the worlds in Sol District had been fighting eachother, small confederate or loyalist cells fighting the ruling government, and the automatic communications set up on Earth still worked for a hundred years. It was when the command droids finally were devoured by pokémon similar to Onix that the Terran Empire realized they had lost their home world. A new capital was set up and the Imperial Remnant vowed to seek vengeance on the Confederacy, now inhabiting nearly all of the galaxy. The Imperial Remnant sent a few select agents, now with a life expectancy of millenia, to observe H. sapien that slowly began to evole during the last ice ages. These agents were considered gods, witchs, warlocks, and nearly everything in between.