PokéDC: Teen Titans is an alternate universe crossover fanfiction piece between Pokémon and the DC Comic: Teen Titans. It is part of the PokéDC continuity created by Shadow Kuriboh and is a work in progress. It is a fic based around various story arcs such as the release of Trigon and his demonic Darkrai Pokémon. It is rated T for Teen for violence and sexually related content.

Name PokéDC: Teen Titans
AuthorShadow Kuriboh
Posted At
Finished --
Genre(s) Adventure, Action, Comedy
Rating T (Teen; Ages 13+)
Point of View 3rd Person Omniscient


There are nine characters confirmed for the Teen Titans story in the PokéDC continuity.



Main Article: Nightwing

Dick Grayson, also known as the hero Nightwing, used to serve as Batman's sidekick. Now he is adventuring on his own. He soon meets up with various other heroes and becomes the leader of the group known as the Teen Titans.

His starting Pokémon is a Skarmory.


Tim Drake, also known as the hero Robin, also used to serve as one of Batman's sidekicks. He left Batman after he received an invitation to join the Titans under Nightwing's command.

His starting Pokémon is a Taillow.


Main Article: Starfire

Koriand'r is an alien princess hailing from the planet Tameran. In our language, Koriand'r is translated to Starfire, which is what she is known as to everyone. Her teammates often call her 'Kory'.

On her way to Earth from her escape on Tameran, her ship crashed on a glowing meteorite, where she ran into a Pokémon named Deoxys, who had a green jewel much like her own. Deoxys removed her restraints and carried her to Earth, where she joined a group named the Teen Titans.

Deoxys became her starting Pokémon.


Raven is the daughter of a human named Arella and the demon lord Trigon. She was raised by her mother on the outskirts of the city Azarath. She had a pet Murkrow. When she started to show her demon side, she was banished from Azarath, and took her Murkrow with her. She joined a group named the Teen Titans upon her arrival on Earth.

Murkrow became her starting Pokémon.


Karen Beecher-Duncan, also known as the heroine Bumblebee, was a scientist who created a bumblebee-like suit and used it to combat evil. She later joined the Teen Titans after been offered a membership for display of her skills.

Her starting Pokémon is a Combee.


Deathstroke the Terminator

Slade Wilson, also known as the villainous mastermind Deathstroke, is a mass-murderer who uses his Pokémon to kill innocents. He is the arch-nemesis of the Teen Titans.

His starting Pokémon is a Slugma.

Agent Markov

Her first name has not been revealed yet, nor her starting Pokémon. All that we know is that she is an agent working for Deathstroke, and she is keeping an eye on Nightwing for him, as well as assisting him in his 'Master Plan'.

Duela Dent

Duela Dent is the daughter of the psychopath The Joker, one of Nightwing and Robin's old nemesis. She is as crazy as her father before her.

Her starting Pokémon is a Smoochum.


Komand'r is another alien princess also hailing from Tameran, and Starfire's older sister. After being banished from Tameran for her attacks against her own father, she ran into a Deoxys, who had a black jewel much like her own. Deoxys helped her to track down her sister on Earth.

Deoxys became her starting Pokémon.


Trigon is a dark demon lord who controls demonic Pokémon. He is Raven's father.

Darkrai is his signature Pokémon.

These are the only known characters at this point. More will be confirmed as time passes.

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