PokéDC is a continuity created by Shadow Kuriboh, an author on It is a continuity of various crossover fanfiction that combines the universes of DC Comics and Pokémon. The various fictions will center around separate plotlines that will, at some point, possibly crossover with each other. It is not yet rated. It is a work in progress, and has not been posted yet.

Name PokéDC
Author Shadow Kuriboh
Posted At
Point of View 3rd Person Omniscient

Various Fictions

Right now there are only two fictions confirmed for the continuity. They are both works in progress.

Teen Titans

Main Article: PokéDC: Teen Titans

The story starts at the beginning of the Teen Titans series, and focuses on a group of super-powered teenagers using Pokémon to battle, and sometimes resulting in fights based off of their own powers.

Justice League

Main Article: PokéDC: Justice League

The story starts as a couple of the League's villians team up and combine the powers of their Pokémon to destroy the Justice League, who turn out to have their own Pokémon.

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