"Created by vast energy, controlled by the Gods. They, the people of this planet, were sent here to norish it, to protect it, to care for one another. But war has lead them into despair and which hurts the Heart of this planet everyday. Ancient artifacts, cures for diseases for every kind were erased after the Darkness destroyed this planet. The people of this planet are temporary. The scars? Eternal"

- Monitor 293



Aldrin Galaxy
Orbital Period
1302.9 days
Composition (Gases)
77% Oxygen

3% Nitrogen 10% Methane

10% Other gases
Size comparison to Earth
Earth x2 Jupiters
1.50 trillion megatons
Composition (Geology)
36% Water 64% Land
- Sparks

- Altons

- Conelths

- Razor
924,773,475.2 km
Average Global Temperature
34.9 degrees
Surrounding Moons
- 燃えるような怒り (Fiery Rage)

- トレントラッシング (Rushing Torrent)

- 地球を崩壊しつつある (Crumbling Earth)

- サンダーを粉砕 (Crushing Thunder)

Planet Kin'Shua is classified as a "Super Earth". This rocky planet contains less water than it can provide. This is due to the orbit it takes around the sun. Kin'Shua is barely in the center of the "Goldylock Zone", a zone were planets can provide life. It is more distant from the center, resutling in it's short summers and long, harsh winters. The average temperate is 34.9 degrees Celsius during the summer. During the winter, the average is near -100 degrees Celsius. It is strange, because this planet is right in the middle between two gas giants. One, which is near the sun, is known as "Diaka", meaning "Lava Pool". The other, not too far behind this planet's orbit, is known as "Death's Scythe". Kin'Shua defies the laws of planets as humans know it.


Kin'Shua's orbit is much like Earth's. It's in a perfect circle, rotating around the sun in normal orbit. The problem about this orbit is that it is extremely slow. Friction caused by the gravitational pull between "Diaka" and "Death's Scythe" slows this planet's orbit drastically. This results in cooler temperatures, and extended frozen polar caps. This is also the reason why the water level is scarce on this planet. The tides have literrally ripped out of the planet, leaving little water left to nourish it's surface.

The other odd factor about it's orbit is that during it's orbit, for a time of 34 days, it comes into very close contact with "Death's Scythe". The cool Gas Giant's gravitational pull and large mass reflects the sun onto Kin'Shua, causing summer temperature's to litterally fry the planet. The heat vapour gives off a reaction in the carbon gas within the gas giant, causing carbon rain on Kin'Shua. This kills any unfortunate lifeform caught in the open.

During it's winter's, the sky of the planet is black. Unlike Earth, Kin'Shua does not tilt it's axis to change it's season's. The interaction between the two Gas Giants cause the change of season's. Ironically, Diaki does the exact opposite of what "Death's Scythe" does. It freezes the planet entirely by blocking the sun for 840 days. This is dubbed "the Killer Cooldown" by the Forgotten.

Ironically, this is a blessing to the Forgotten. During this harsh winter, the sun of this system emits plasma bursts, winds that would destroy an atmosphere and life in seconds. The large gas giant blocks all wind from touching this planet, allowing it to live. The sun is a Superbluegiant, nearly 900 million years old.

The sun of this planet is blue, not yellow. This results in blue light being reflected onto the surface, resulting in different colours not seen on Earth. Plants may be green or red, rocks may become dark or light. The reflection of the solar light does not interfere with eyesight.


The Solar System

Planet Surface

The soil of this planet is grey, made up of iron and other metals that were grinded up during this planet's birth. The atmosphere of this planet is colossal, more than twenty times thicker than Earth's. Solar radiation and meteors are not a threat to this planet. It's moons rotate around this planet, causing water bodies to actually "slither" across continents, the tide following the moons as they go. When one of the Gas Giant is present, the water literally forms a pillar.

It is not wise to drink from this water on the spot, though. Unlike Earth water, this water is highly toxic in mercury. Mercury is what causes the soil to become grey, riding all the other neccesities soil is made out of. The density of Kin'Shua's water is thick, almost thick enough to become jello in one's hands. This density is the reason for a condition called "Crushed fate". If a lifeform were to rub water on it's skin, it's doomed for 5 hours. The sheer pressure of this water remains intact, crushing internal organs and skin slowly. The lifeform dies a slow death. If drank, the organs will crush almost immediately on contact. The only way to sterilize this water is to boil it.

Rocks on this planet are more dense, more harder to penetrate than Earth's rocks. It would take 1 megaton to break up a small rock on this planet. That's not including the rocks used to make weapons and cities.

Power is runned from the core of this planet. Strangely, the core of this planet is ice cold, almost matching space's temperature. It's cool temperature and hot surface mix up to allow energy to be exerted as this planet rotates, resulting in life. This is also the reason why Winter is cruel, since the surface is cool during this time.

The weather patterns of this planet is mostly harsh blizzards. These blizzards cause instant flash freeze on any surface it touches. If not the blizzards, then it's the summer colossal typhoons that ravage (and not to mention form on) continents. Rain on this planet is similiar to Earth's, usually harmless unless the water is black or dense (dark blue skies give off that warning). Clouds on the stratopshere form quickly and dissipate quickly. Storms are weakened since there is a lack of water. Blizzards, on the other hand, are strengthened.