Pikachu's Unexpected Love(PUL) by Deathsia

This is the first of the Pikachu's unexpect love(PUL) series.

This story starts off with Ash and Pikachu Adventuring on their own when Ash is kidnapped by teamrocket. After a series of events Pikachu begins to develope feelings for her trainer she had never felt before. These feelings confuse her and cuase her to ignorently try to express these feelings to her trainer. After a firce battle with Team Rocket Pikachu and Ash enter a relationship.

This was Deathsia's second ever attempt at a fanfiction novel and while lacking in grammar and quotation marks still has a nice story to it.

Pikachu's Unexpected Love 2(PUL2) by Deathsia

This story is the sequal to Pikachu's unexpected love.

This story begins with Ash and Pikachu 3 months into a relationship and Pikachu had been acting weird for the last few weeks. They later find out that Pikachu is in fact pregnant with Ash's kids! As the story progresses Team Rocket comes back with a taste for revenge for the death of their pokemon and a new mysterious person is introduced who is supposedly the child of Samuel Oak and turns out to be a Team Rocket scientist bent on taking over the world. Pikachu's real name is also revealed in this fic.

This story was Deathsia's 3rd ever fanfiction novel. The story begins without quotation marks and bad grammer but as the story progresses the grammer improves very quickly and quotation marks were finally added on Chapter 17 and continued to be added from that point on.

This has been remaked by many as Deathsia's best fanfic to date.

Pikachu's Unexpected Love 3(PUL3) by Deathsia

This story is not as of yet finished and is the sequal to Pikachu's unexpected love 2(PUL2)

The story begins with the pokemon world as we know it in ruins with Chris rulling the world in fear and terror. Jolt stars in this fanfiction as the "hero"...

Not much more can be said about this fic as the writter has not yet added much more to this fanfic more information will be added as the story progresses.

Character Bios:


Name:Julian Ketchum Age in Human years:10 Age in pokemon years:30 History:Julian was abducted as a yound chu by an evil Team Rocket scientist named Chris and has her DNA Altered by him. NOT YET FINISHED! => red text

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