NamePartners and Lovers II:Pikachu's Decision
First postedOctober 2005
Genre(s)Romance, Drama
Writing StyleFirst
Preceded byPartners and Lovers
Followed byPartners and Lovers III:A New Life

Partners and Lovers II is the sequel to the hentai story Partners and Lovers. Like it's prequel, it splits off from the canon, and continues the relationship between Pikachu and Chikorita. It focuses mostly on Pikachu having to choose between Chikorita and Ash


This has been posted on and AGNPH. This story also had a slight edit before going to But since never got part 1, it was titled simply "Pikachu's Decision".

Reviewer Thoughts

Most people thought this was the best of the trilogy, and gave positive reviews, commenting on how Pikachu has to choose between the two most important things in his life. Others commented on the fact that Chikorita and Pikachu can't mate, since they're in two different breeding groups. Others felt it was rushed, and wanted to see the two meet up with Ash again (which never happened)

Author Thoughts

Xtra also think it was the best of the series, and already had part 3 planned. He thinks could be a lot better, and a rewrite would improve on the story. Even though he is retired from hentai writing, he may rewrite the version.