NamePartners and Lovers
First postedAugust 2005
Writing StyleFirst
Followed byPartners and Lovers II:Pikachu's Decision

Partners and Lovers was Xtra's first attempt at a pokemon hentai. It started a non-canon relationship between Ash's Chikorita and Pikachu, which extended into two sequels. It takes place during the Johto storyline.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The story was told from Pikachu's point of view. Ash got challenged to a 2-on-2 battle with another trainer. The trainer used Starmie and Graveler, and Ash countered with Pikachu and Chikorita. The story revealed that Chikorita was the only female on Ash's team, and that Pikachu had a crush on her.

After Ash easily emerges victorious, Brock announces lunch is ready. As they eat, Pikachu watches Chikorita out of the corner of his eye. Chikorita notices and releases Sweet Scent in the air. When Pikachu smells it and looks over in surprise, she leads him to a nearby hidden clearing. She admits that she has feelings for him as well while they were there, and they make love.

After finishing, Chikorita gasps that they should do it again sometime, and Pikachu simply nods in agreement.

Spoilers end here.


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Reviewer Thoughts

It was Xtra's first hentai story, and one reviewer did mention that it was good for a first timer. Another person commented on the pairing.

Another person said it could use improvement, and that the lemon portion was a bit too short. One person even commented in the fact that it didn't follow canon.

Author Thoughts

It was simple, both as a story and a lemon, and could use improvement. But since Xtra is now retired from hentai writing, there is no chance for a rewrite.