The Pacific Alliance Commandos, or PACs, where elite soldiers in the Pacifician Alliance during The Alliance War. These commandos were taken by PA officials to the Quincy Islands that were jointly owned by most of the UN members. Once on Quincy Island, these commandos were trained by the British Ministry of Espianage and the sister Ministry of Intelligence in America, as well as by the special agents of the famous Team Angel.


The PACs were recruited and trained to serve as the first wave of attack. Leaders of the Pacific Alliance had planned to drop PACs in fire teams of four down behind Nebulan Alliance lines. These first PACs, called ACE (all-commando-elite) were planned to infiltrate the Nebulan bases seperately and report back.

The second wave of commandos, the AARC (aerial-attack-to-renegedae-combat) were to drop in on parachute or other aerial personal transport and "entertain" the Nebulan ranks until the main assault on the Nebulan bases could be landed.

There were many other commandos, which were intended to be used when needed all across the theatre. However, most of these were killed when a Nebulan assault on the Hakkou embassy in Sinnoh succeeded in blowing up the building, sparking the invasion prematurely.


PACs were given Hakkou BlasCorp's H111 "Charolt" laser pistol standard issue as a sidearm. However, from there on the weapon issue differed depending upon the objectives of the mission.