PKM Rangers: Rise of the Dark Gems is a fanfiction story written by Power Shot. The original title of the story was Golden Light, Voltaic Strike, but the story was discontinued and rewritten by Power Shot. It chronicles the adventures of a PKM Ranger, a special kind of character separated from the canon Rangers. It is rated R for violence, drug use, and sexual behavior.

It is the second AdvanceShipping story written by Power Shot, preceeded by After Hoenn: The Journey of Faith.


PKM is an organization dedicated to protecting humanity and Pokémon worldwide. Their exact base is unknown, though it is presumed to be somewhere in the Orre territories. PKM's primary mode of protection are through their agents and their Rangers, special people who are capable of battling against terrorists and other dangers with their Pokémon Spirits.


Grunts of PKM, Agents do basic work, such as observing a special event for terrorist behavior, and must notify PKM in case of attack, whereupon a Ranger is dispatched to handle the situation. Some Agents have special status, and have the use of SA Carts to gain a suit of armor of their own, which are colored silver. Agents have a three-to-four number designation, such as 003, or 1076. Special Agents have two numbers, such as 06.


Rangers are a different kind of Agent, and are distinguishable through the fact that they only have one number as their designation, such as 0, 2, or 3. Rangers utilize Pokémon Spirits that are housed within their morphers to activate their Ranger uniforms. Rangers are equipped with one weapon, which can be called upon at any time. A Ranger's weapon reflects the bond between Ranger and Spirit. The stronger the bond, the more powerful the weapon.

Pokemon Spirits

A Pokémon Spirit is the spirit of a Pokémon that was owned by a PKM Ranger. They are contained in a PKM Morpher, and have several abilities and uses that are invaluable to a Ranger. Among other things, they can communicate with a Ranger through the com-link, as well as summon Ranger weapons. A Pokémon Spirit also serves as the CPU of the Ranger uniform, and can execute commands such as searching and navigation.

PKM Morphers

Morphers are the ultimate weapons of the PKM Rangers. They house within them a single Pokémon Spirit, from which a Ranger uniform can be created. A Ranger uniform, along with the weapon forged from it, is as strong as the bond between Ranger and Spirit.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Morph One- Ground Zero: The Dark Man with the Pikachu Emerges!

PKM Rangers begins with the introduction of Keean Toby, a member of PKM who is assigned to watch over the Saffron City Pokémon Contest. While there, he meets May Birch, and learns that he is to face her in the next round. He leaves, and is informed by Agent 003 that a terrorist is planning to attack the Contest, and that Agent 0 is planning on comming to assist.

Morph Two- Problamatic Promotion: The Golden Ranger Arrives!

Keean Toby is promoted to SA 06 by Agent 0, and goes to a dinner prepared for the winners in the semi-final round. He goes there only briefly, and speaks to May about the next day. While at the party, Keean Toby starts to feel weak, and heads back to his hotel room to take his serum. After being blocked from it by 0, he takes the drug, and returns to normal. 0 and Keean Toby then return to the Contest Center to prepare for the next day, by bugging the entire place.

Spoilers end here.


SA 06/Keean Toby

A rookie Agent in PKM, though not on his first year in the agency, Keean Toby is a giant trainer from Orre. Standing at over six feet, with powerful muscles, it would be easy to mistake him for a bodybuilder, though he isn't nearly as buff. Keean Toby is a reluctant Agent, and hates his job. The exact reasons he joined PKM, and why he remains in the force, are unknown, though it is implied that his marriage fell apart from being in PKM.

Keean Toby enters the Saffron City Pokémon Contest to keep a watch on the event, but circumstances force PKM to send Agent 0, a Ranger, to stop a terrorist threat. There he meets May. It is suggested that he may have a prior history with her, but other than that his past remains an unknown. He has worked with 0 before, and his reactions to the Ranger imply that they are not friends. He also refers to Rangers as "spandexes."

Keean Toby never sleeps, due to terrifying nightmares, and relies on a special drug that prolongs his need for sleep. This drug is administered directly into the bloodstream for optimum effect, and without the drug, it is highly likely that he would lapse into a severe coma.

In Morph Two, he was promoted to Special Agent status, and now carries the title of SA 06. His weapons of choice include a gun, his Pikachu, and an SA Cart which allows him transformation into a suit of pseudo-Ranger armor to protect his identity. This armor is silver-colored, and controlled via voice commands.


Pikachu is Keean Toby's only Pokémon, and a veteran of many battles. It has not yet shown its destructive potential, but it can be assumed to be of high power. It is worth noting that Keean Toby can communicate with Pikachu through its own language.

May Birch

May Birch is the female protagonist of PKM Rangers. Now a high-profile Coordinator, her life has been hassled by reporters and photographers eager to pry into her private life. She is divorced, with one child from her former marriage, Sarah Birch. It is implied that her former husband cheated on her, resulting in the end of her marriage.

May meets Keean Toby early in Morph One, and later finds out that she is matched against him in the semi-final round of the Saffron City Pokémon Contest.

Sarah Birch

Sarah Birch is the daughter of May Birch, the high-profile Coordinator. She is deeply devoted to her mother, and her family. She is five years old.

Sarah has a devilish nature, enjoying harassing her uncle Max and her mother's friend Brock, her babysitters. Interestingly, Sarah retains no memory of who her father is, and does not seem to be aware of the fact that she has one.

Max and Brock

Max Birch and Brock Harrison are Sarah's babysitters, along with full-time Gym Leaders of Petalburg and Pewter, respectively. Max, grown up, seems to have adopted Brock's own lecherous attitudes towards women, with a higher success rate than his mentor. They are very protective of Sarah and May.

Agent 0/Golden Ranger

An enigmatic person, he has yet to be shown in the light. The Golden Ranger is the leader and most powerful member of the PKM Rangers. His Pokémon Spirit, along with his true name, are all unknown.

0 is the person who first recruited Keean Toby to be a member of PKM, the exact details are unknown. He comes to Saffron City in response to a terrorist threat on the Contest.

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