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PKM is a fictional organization in Power Shot's PKM Ranger: Rise of the Dark Gems


PKM is an organization dedicated to protecting humanity and Pokemon worldwide. Their exact base is unknown, though it is presumed to be somewhere in the Orre territories. PKM's primary mode of protection are through their agents and their Rangers, special people who are capable of battling against terrorists and other dangers with their Pokemon Spirits.


Grunts of PKM, Agents do basic work, such as observing a special event for terrorist behavior, and must notify PKM in case of attack, whereupon a Ranger is dispatched to handle the situation. Some Agents have special status, and have the use of SA Carts to gain a suit of armor of their own, which are colored silver. Agents have a three-to-four number designation, such as 003, or 1076. Special Agents have two numbers, such as 06.


Rangers are a different kind of Agent, and are distinguishable through the fact that they only have one number as their designation, such as 0, 2, or 3. Rangers utilize Pokemon Spirits that are housed within their morphers to activate their Ranger uniforms. Rangers are equipped with one weapon, which can be called upon at any time. A Ranger's weapon reflects the bond between Ranger and Spirit. The stronger the bond, the more powerful the weapon.

Pokemon Spirits

A Pokemon Spirit is the spirit of a Pokemon that was owned by a PKM Ranger. They are contained in a PKM Morpher, and have several abilities and uses that are invaluable to a Ranger. Among other things, they can communicate with a Ranger through the com-link, as well as summon Ranger weapons. A Pokemon Spirit also serves as the CPU of the Ranger uniform, and can execute commands such as searching and navigation.

PKM Morphers

Morphers are the ultimate weapons of the PKM Rangers. They house within them a single Pokemon Spirit, from which a Ranger uniform can be created. A Ranger uniform, along with the weapon forged from it, is as strong as the bond between Ranger and Spirit.