Owzatt Type: Normal/electric No. The Baseball Pokemon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Workoutz ( use Thunder Stone) Evolves into: none Height: 4'5 Weight: 99.9 lbs Ability: Static Dex entry: Passes the time by lobbing ball lighting over great distances.


Learned moves

- fake out

- thundershock

6 flash

10 feint

15 thunderpunch

19 light screen

24 thrash

28 belly drum

33 mach punch

37 psycho cut

42 taunt

43 charge beam


toxic hidden power hyper beam protect frustration thunderbolt thunder return shadow ball brick break double team reflect shock wave facade secret power rest attract thief focus blast fling charge beam endure drain punch giga impact flash thunder wave captivate sleep talk natural gift poison jab swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash

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