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Psychic Gavin

L43 Medicham[Male]

L43 Misdreavus[Male]

L46 Hypno[Male]

Birdkeeper Lois

L46 Swellow[Female]

L48 Honchkrow[Female]

Ace Trainer Bella

L46 Seaking[Female]

L48 Dunsparce[Female]

Ace Trainer Skylar

L45 Empoleon[Male]

L45 Dusclops[Male]

L48 Ursaring[Male]

Ace Trainer Shakira

L46 Donphan[Female]

L48 Alakazam[Male]

Veteran Mikey

L47 Volbeat[Male]

L47 Gastrodon[Male]

Black Belt Grayson

L49 Hariyama[Male]

Psychic Jillian

L44 Natu[Female]

L48 Xatu[Female]

Double Team Annika And James

L47 Mr.Mime[Female] L47 Gligar[Male]

Ace Trainer Tom

L49 Solrock[Genderless]

Dragon Tamer Matt

L49 Charizard

Veteran Carlos

L45 Starmie

L45 Carnivine

L48 Parasect

Dragom Tamer Matthias

L45 Charmeleon

L45 Charmeleon

L48 Gabite

After Defeating The Elite Four

Ace Trainer Brent

L54 Ambipom

L55 Muk

L54 Manectric

Ace Trainer Krissy

L53 Pinsir

L53 Wailord

L53 Honchkrow

Psychic Misty

L54 Lunatone

L54 Lunatone

Psychic Lincoln

L56 Hypno

Black Belt Carmine

L52 Primeape

L55 Machoke

L58 Machamp

Veteran Isaac

L53 Ambipom

L54 Quagsire

L55 Ludicolo

Dragon Tamer Clint

L56 Charizard

L53 Gyarados

L54 Garchomp

Bird Keepr Camille

L52 Hoothoot

L54 Noctowl

Psychic Berkley

L56 Claydol

Psychic Lois

L53 Grumpig

L54 Girafarig

Black Belt Tyson

L56 Onix

L59 Heracross

Veteran Simon

L53 Skuntank

L56 Camerupt

L52 Gastrodon

Ace Trainer Mikey

L55 Dragonite

L55 Dragonair

Ace Trainer Kristine

L54 Quagsire

L54 Exploud

L54 Victreebel

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