Occupation-Leader of Aroma Town Gym


Gym Type-Grass


L12 Tangela[Male]

L13 Oddish[Male]

L14 Budew[Male]

First Rematch

L32 Tangela

L35 Gloom

L35 Roselia

L37 Bayleef

2nd Rematch

L37 Tangela

L37 Gloom

L40 Roserade

L40 Sunflora

L42 Parasect

L43 Meganium

3rd Battle

L46 Tangela

L45 Bellossom

L46 Roserade

L45 Sunflora

L46 Parasect

Final Rematch

L53 Tangrowth

L53 Bellossom

L55 Roserade

L54 Sunflora

L54 Parasect

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