"To think that such items could create an unscrambler." - Ongaku Hikaru


Ongaku Hikaru

Wandering Hero of Shayka

Pokémon Character
StrengthsElectricity, magic, weapons with long blades and anything he can take to his advantage.
WeaknessesHaving a disadvantage in general or someone being simply more powerful than him.
PersonalityOngaku seems to be scared of just about nothing and faces every problem jovially, no matter what the situation; not unlike a Yoshi.
BirthplaceRed Moon Town in Shayka
Fave FoodKetchup
LevelOngaku does not have a Level.
ItemArchangelic Arondight
  • HIT PTS.: ???
  • ATTACK: Varies
  • DEFENSE: Varies
  • SP. ATK: Varies
  • SP. DEF: Varies
  • SPEED: Varies
Fighting Style

Ongaku is very straightforward, dodging as much as possible while striking with powerful attacks as much as possible. Ongaku fights with Pokemon moves, magic, and swords; and also, a code of honor.

Full Name

"Ongaku Hikaru"

Japanese Name

音楽•ヒカル Ongaku Hikaru

General Intelligence

Ongaku's intelligence is in the 150 IQ range.

Power Level
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: 872,999

Team Frostfource

Ongaku Hikaru is Kwrpg32's currently used RP character for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPs and is considered among Shaykanian Pokemon to be a wandering hero hero. He is among the sole beings able to wield the Archangelic Arondight (a holy arming sword that would only allow itself to be held by Ongaku among the Shaykanian Pokemon) and, like a number of Kwrpg32's OCs, can use magic. Unlike Char, though, Ongaku doesn't make a habit of limiting himself to magic from other popular video game series. His clothing, however, is usually tailored to reference Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts's main protagonist, Sora.

History (Different Timeline)

Similarly to the protagonist of each game in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, Ongaku was once a human. Unlike said protagonists, however, Ongaku turned himself into a Pokemon willingly for two reasons: one influence is simply because he loved Pikachus. However, the second reason was because he wanted to know how it was like to be a Pokemon; and thus, living in Shayka, Ongaku stole the transformation scroll from his magic class's room and turned himself into a Pikachu. A day later, it was discovered what happened and, in turn, just about everyone in Shayka knew about the incident (including Ongaku's parents, albeit they were perfectly fine). Ongaku learned the culture of the Pokemon, and quickly aspired to become an Explorer. He made frequent visits back home as a human as well.

Ongaku quickly became best friends with a female Bulbasaur, passed the Explorer Test incredibly fast, and rocketed up the ranks like they were clouds. This left his team as the ones who were chosen to combat a quickly self-unsealing ultimate evil named Daiymo Adon. It took on the guise of a Sky Forme Shaymin at all times and was incredibly powerful. In the process, two beings beings vanished into eternal rest; Adon itself, and the female Bulbasaur (who's name isn't actually set by Kwrpg32 himself, but rather, others). In the wake of it all, Ongaku entered the World of the Strong tournament. He lost in the Semifinals, but was the only one to recieve the prize; as the prize's condition was being the strongest at the tournament in question (which was believed by just about everyone that it meant winning the tournament). The prize itself was an invitation to join Team Frostfource, which was quite legendary in that area. Ongaku accepted, and rose quickly to becoming the team's sole "Moderator"-ranked member.

History (Regular Timeline)

Unlike the 'regular' Ongaku, this one, who exists in the normal timeline, was a bit of a wuss and is born a Pokemon. He was invited to Team Frostfource solely because of his great potential in magic and the ability to wield the Archangelic Arondight, a sword only existant in the aforementioned normal timeline. Team Frostfource is unchanged in every timeline, because they are not stationed in a sole timeline; However, each timeline contains different members (but always retain Kaywer, Seed, Kori, Char and Kiseki; the four of which are unchanged throughout every timeline due to also not being stationed in any one timeline). And thus, Team Frostfource was still rather legendary in the area. Ongaku accepted, and went on his first mission under Char's direct command involving heading off to Tao Village and joining a tournament there under to train. Ongaku shortly left, no longer fearing almost everything, and was trained personally by Kiseki, a member of the team and a fellow Pikachu. As a result, Ongaku's sword skills and magical power grew, and quite well (well enough that Ongaku can now perform multiple fire spells when he couldn't even sustain a hand-sized fireball when he entered the tournament). He has also become rather powerful in the area of martial arts. Unlike every other member of Team Frostfource, however, Ongaku hasn't learned to control aura (also named ki, chi and energy by others). He is now stationed in Tao Village on a mission directed by the head of Team Frostfource, Kaywer. He was also given a partner on said mission, who happened to be Kiseki. The mission itself was rather mysterious; it was to find where a gigantic distorting energy source was located on the planet from a list of certain towns. As a result, Ongaku circumnavigated the world in order to find the towns and then investigate theml along with the areas around them. He is still on this mission, and currently in Tao Village once more.


Ongaku can do much more than just what a Pikachu can perform. He can perform many types of magic and is well-rounded in the field of swordplay. He doesn't limit himself to video game-referencing magic, meaning that he is usually more verasitle than Char; despite having a very inferior power level. As far as the regular timeline Ongaku goes, he is currently stuck with fire-attributed offensive spells, Pokemon moves and basic swordplay. However, the sword he uses allows him to perform holy magic to an extent.