Now and Forever is a fan novel created and written by Arcanine Royale. He began this piece in late 2004 after browsing around forums and reading fanfictions there. For the next year, he created a fan made pokedex featuring over 300 fan made pokemon as well as the fan region of Hakkou. Now, he is in the process of creating a second complete rewrite to Now and Forever and hopes to finish writing the first 75 chapters by the end of the year.

Name Now and Forever, Volume One: Genesis
AuthorArcanine Royale
Posted At Forums,PE2K,Pokecommunity Forums
Began Ch. 1 Published May 1,2007
Finished --
Genre(s) Journey/Original Trainer, Adventure, Action
Rating PG to PG-13
Followed By:Now and Forever, Volume Two: Shattered
Point of View 3rd and 1st

History of the Novel

Volume One

The Humble Beginning

Arcanine Royale began his fan novel in December of 2004 shortly after reading many pieces of fiction at SPPf, among them the great Legacy of a Master by R.J. He read others, but this piece stood out to him, and thus AR set out to create a similar piece of fan fiction. Thus, he set forth.

The first thing to do was create a fan pokedex. He did so over the winter of 2005, detailing over 250 species and creating the six characters that would eventually become Connor O'Brien, Kody Silvin, David Williams, Cara Goodson, Heather Gordon, and Ashley Parker.

The next was the region of Hakkou. Through the year, he created eye-burning colored maps in paint and got a general idea of the region. He created the region and based the fic upon it, the bright green land, eye-burning blue, and red and gold routes ocassionally annoying him. However, he worked slowly forward till the end of 2005 when Arcanine Royale joined Pokemon Elite 2000 Forums.

PE2K Beginnings: Version One

It was a cold December morning, shortly after Christmas, when Arcanine Royale joined Pokemon Elite 2000 Forums as Sceptile Frost. A few days after, after getting used to the forums, he posted the first of the 14 chapters he had written over the course of a year. He recieved very constructive criticism from many well known PE2K writers, among them Neo Pikachu, HKim, and Trainer Sarah. Using the advice from these reviews, as well as a few other reviews on forums such as PokeCommunity and Pokemon Fan Universe Forums, he sat down and worked out a new storyline set in an entirely different region.

The chapters and the names for each are as follows:

  1. Slam Jam: The Journey Begins
  2. Onto Freedan Isle!
  3. Friends and Fights
  4. Fight the Good Fight!
  5. Cyclones and Tsunamis
  6. Nocturnal Dual
  7. The Terror in Town
  8. Clash in a Cavern
  9. Sands and Stars
  10. The Not so Happy Harbor
  11. Double Trouble
  12. Roamers and Ranchers
  13. Silvertown Spars
  14. The Rancher and the Roamer

'Forbidden' Edition

This region was the Klamath region, based on the northwest counties in California, Klamath was intended to host the same characters as the first Hakkou version. However, it only made it to chapter one before the first person point of view, as version one had, fell apart. The characters were quite poor and one-dimensional and thus the fic became fragmented easily. Arcanine Royale, intent on finishing the seven volume series he had set out to write in late 2004, sat down and wrung out his brain for a new version.

The chapters and the names for each are as follows:

  1. --No Name--

SPPf Immergence: Version Two

This new version of Hakkou-based Now and Forever started off with a quite reassuring two chapters of review-free posting. After this, however, reviews soon came across the many forums Now and Forever was posted on. This version was the most successful to date, and thus enjoyed twelve chapters of posting, the version stopping just shy of the first gym battle. Shortly before reaching this pivotal milestone, Arcanine Royale had participated in NaNoWriMo and had left November with a new outlook on his writing. He spent most of Christmas Break hiding from the computer and the unfinished chapter, wasting away the time to write. Instead, he began to extend his reach into other genres and project, among them shipping fics and Runecraft, a fantasy adventure currently in progress. Thus, with a heavy heart Arcanine Royale announced to his handful of faithful fans that version two of Now and Forever was at an end, and that a new edition, now named Now and Forever: Genesis, was on its way in March or April. Two documents numbering over 50,000 words now sits, awaiting to be cherished and remembered. Arcanine Royale has since began work on Genesis Edition.

The chapters and the names for each are as follows:

  1. Curse of the Colt
  2. Gone
  3. A Chance
  4. Behind those Starry Eyes
  5. The Mocking-Bird
  6. From Master to Beginner
  7. From Within
  8. Greenback
  9. Friends and Fights
  10. A Call to Arms
  11. Cyclone
  12. Chaos Ensuing

Now and Forever: Genesis Edition

Genesis Edition is to be the next revision of Arcanine Royale's Now and Forever. It is planned to be published on May 1st, in line with the author's fourteenth birthday. Posts are to be made ever Friday after the 1st of May. A full chapter index with be listed as soon as the first chapter is released, in line with release of this chapter list by the author on and PE2K forums.

Genesis .9 "Beta Version

Arcanine Royale scrapped his first version of Genesis when he realized that, well, it sucked and didn't have any action until chapter six. This was the list of chapters and their tentative titles as they had stood so far:

Part One :: Breakout

  1. Of Battles and Betrayal
  2. Fear
  3. --no name--
  4. Mending the Fences
  5. Breakout
  6. Any Place but Here

Genesis 1.0 "The Real Thing"

Arcanine Royale instead wrote this revision in first person AND third person, mixing them with Connor O'Brien in first and various villainous characters such as Giovanni Cristos and a imprisoned pokémorph,Aaron Kasul, in third person. He has enjoyed this format, as it reveals small snippets of the evil plot behind Connor's adventure. So far, these chapters have been written, posted, or named in this revision:

Genesis 1.1 "Um... take two"

Arcanine Royale has recently turned to other works, such as a prelude to what is now termed Genesis Realm in the form of Impact, Aftershock, Crisis, and Endgame, as well as Runecraft and other short fiction works. He plans to continue writing Now and Forever but improve his approach and continue with a re-release of edited / improved chapters as soon as he finishes Part Two. He plans to see at least the first novel through, and hopes to complete the trilogy. He also has hopes for completing a fourth work, called The Forged War. It is unknown if he will see this through.

This newest piece will simply be called Genesis, and it is unknown if the sequels will go along with journeying or directly to the war that would happen in Volume Four.

The Region

Now and Forever is set in the region of Hakkou. This region is Australia two-thousand years in the future, scarred and changed by legendary pokemon and warfare.

The Characters

Characters in Now and Forever Most fan fictions, especially journeyfics, have hundreds of characters. In Genesis addition, there are few mentioned at first as was the truth in all the other revisions excluding Genesis .9.

Major Characters

Connor O'Brien is the protagonist of Now and Forever. Kody Silvin is his best friend. David Williams is another of their friends. However, he and Connor share a rivalry. Cara McGood is who Kody has a crush on. Heather Gordon is Cara's friend and has a crush on Kody. Ashley Parker is another friend and has a crush on Kody. She lives in Freede but met Heather at a writing camp. Ryan Smith is a former friend of the three boys and is now the class jerk. Haley Stennes is a Hoenninian who comes across the group. Darrien Albion is a girl that David meets along the way.

Minor Characters

As journey fics go, there are many minor characters along the way. The first one seen in Connor's point of view was Jason Gates. However, the first one seen in the fic was a character in a 3rd person entry from Giovanni - Andrew Banks.

The Teams: Both Evil and Benign

Teams and organizations in Now and Forever range from Team Rocket, Team Magma, Aqua, and Nebula, to the valiant Team Angel and its ally Team Trainer, who both work as part of the Global Union Security and Counter-Organization Force or (GU SCOF). Also, there are the motorcycle clubs such as the Sevii Island group Wings of Houndoom, or the many MCs that transverse United Provinces of America and Hakkou. Added to this are the various private military companies, which are basically mercenaries. These groups are mostly (or at least at the beginning of the series) encountered by Rocket leader Giovanni Cristos II and a Chinese pokemorph by the name of Aaron Kasul, who after being captured by Team Aqua and escaping is blackmailed by Rocket.

Organizations in Now and Forever

Name Now and Forever, Volume Two: Shattered
AuthorArcanine Royale
Posted At--
Began --
Finished --
Genre(s) Journey/Original Trainer, Adventure, Action
Rating PG to PG-13
Followed By:Now and Forever, Volume Three: Revelation
Point of View 1st person - multiple characters