Normeon is a Normal-type Eeveelution native to the Daisan Region. It is unusual in that it can evolve into unique forms of its own. It evolves from Eevee upon leveling it up at Bond Mountain.


Normeon is a very light grey color, with a darker grey furry collar around its neck and a bushy tail tipped with the same dark grey. Otherwise, it is relatively featureless.


Arcteon (Ice/Ghost type)

Tesleon (Electric/Steel type)

Maraeon (Fire/Dark type)

Chloreon (Grass/Psychic type)

Acereon (Water/Poison type)

Litheon (Rock/Fighting type)

Base Stats

HP: 70

ATK: 70

DEF: 70

SP ATK: 70

SP DEF: 70


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